Biking Ninjas Reconnoiter

This is an example of the Biking Ninjas reconnoitering hereabouts. This shot taken just after dawn and from a distance but better proximity, light and focus wouldn’t yield much more.

The activity began and proliferated in 2020, subsided in the interim, but may be picking back up.

We’ll see…


What are they?

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I don’t know. :upside_down_face:

Have you been binge watching The Righteous Gemstones?



Biking Ninja is just a name I made up. It tickled me.

I’m practicing ‘what do you know for sure?’

All black dress and gear, masked, riding slowly through the neighborbood in the wee hours, looking around.

In the (seems like distant) past, that profile would get you stopped, questioned and ‘moved-along.’

Now, not so much. :no_mouth:

So you’re left to wonder.

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Black comedy and reality have merged.

Who’s aping who? Art imitating life or vice versa? :man_shrugging:

I have tried this ‘binge watching’ of which you speak and have determined that it is cruel (to me) and unusual (in my eyes.)

I eschew it. :wink:

I only wondered if it was really “a thing” in your area. For the past couple of years, bunches of youths have been breaking into parked cars in the wee hours (I know it is a nationwide thing). I thought maybe this was the new casing method.

Stay safe. :smiling_face:

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Thanks @mvb.

We’ve had ‘midnight riders’ for years but most look a little ragged and no masks. This lot dress like a sinister racing team and the bikes don’t look like junk.

There aren’t a lot of break-ins in the neighborhood, automotive or otherwise, and we’re probably below average in crime overall.

Could it be the ‘sinister team’ are actually undercover cops? Stranger things are happening. :wink:

@slabslayer What did you think of the film Don’t Look Up, do ya think it worked?

Haven’t seen it. No spoilers please! :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Ohhhh, the Biking Ninjas are cruel and unusual. Saturday at 5am they ‘blew’ a ‘munitions dump.’

Ninjas!   fist-shake   Who (and what) else could it be??

Turn down the volume, @AnnWithAPlan it packs a wallop! :grin:

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Your 8-bit sprite film noir graphics don’t work so well for that level of detail.

One of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Unremittingly awful. And yet The Big Short had been so good. Some directors are one or two hit wonders and then turn to crap. (Mr. Cameron on line two.)

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Yeah, the original footage is depressingly murky v2 night vision at twilight. It’s like a windshield looks after someone quickly scrubs it against your will with greasy newspaper and water. A little better, maybe, but not much. I started by applying zoom so all clarity bets were off. Plus discretion.

The video editor is no great shakes, it’s free and I chose it a couple of years ago to do a project real fast where I could learn on-the-fly and then not be unhappy about forgetting what I’d learned. IOW, no investment in the software whatsoever.

Everybody disses it online. Or more like dams it with faint praise. I am drawn to it now because it’s a red-headed stepchild. Homely, but it takes out the trash.

Furthur, I like degraded video. We ‘resonate.’


:laughing: Tell @SlabSlayer about that part where…

Word to the Wyze
Don’t withhold affection, it’s bad for the :heart: !

With that review resonating of sheer giddiness and excitement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, it will now be relegated to my “perhaps not” list along side Titanic and Cats.

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Smart. I can’t speak to Cats (though who can, and besides it has the odious Corden) but Titanic is only fit for those who have major crushes on one or both of the leads.

(And yet still roughly 1,000 times less boring, pointless, and terminally cliched than Avatar.)


I figure it’s a coded message. Beyond the literal meaning within the film, what else would ‘looking up’ yield or suggest these days? :thinking:

And I hear The Crucible may not be entirely about Salem. Go figure.

How about the title may be the message in full. The movie only smoke.

Would you go that far?

If you mean “smoke” as in Salem cigarettes, okay. If you mean there is anything more than simple minded literalness in that mess of a script (Don’t Look Up) then no. All the press hammered home the obligatory climate change parallel but the movie was beneath lowest common denominator pastiche. It’s not a word I tend to use but I think it’s what “polemic” was invented for.

It wasn’t smart. It wasn’t funny or entertaining. It was droning and dumb.

Hell they even managed to waste Mark Rylance. That takes breathtaking incompetence.

Just a bore. Blanchette was pretty good.

All merely my opinion of course. If someone enjoyed it, good for them.