BEWARE: Home Monitoring System Buyer / Gifter Issues

Has anyone else noticed that Wyze sent out email promotions and had ads on their website for gift ideas for Father’s Day 2021, including their home monitoring system. So trying to take advantage of these promotions I purchased the home monitoring system thinking I would be able to use this as a gift to my parent who now lives alone. But after speaking with customer support, you are unable to use that bundle as a gift. I wish I would have known that prior to buying, has anyone purchased the home monitoring bundle and able to switch it to a different User or Email address?

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Not as a gift, but after buying 2 starter bundles and realizing that you can’t have a second location monitored on same account, I am considering giving my second to a nephew. Didn’t realize that this wouldn’t be possible. Is that correct?

According to my chat with customer support, once the bundles are purchased they are automatically assigned to the Email address/account used to purchase. And the team is unable to change that for some reason. I think the devices may work but without the actual monitoring which kind of defeats the purpose. I posed the questions about what happens if a bundle is returned is Wyze able to be re-used on a different email but couldn’t get a clear response from the Wyze team.

Trying to think back to when I set my system up…isn’t there an activation code sent by email for the system? Is that tied to a specific email address or can you use it to setup on a second account? I thought I just entered the code to activate it and never thought about it being tied to any specific email account.

As far as re-using one of the bundles, doesn’t a complete reset wipe any configuration data? It did when I wiped my system.

Tell Wyze you want a refund…

Just think of all those resold by folks on eBay. They won’t know that they can’t use them because they were sold to a specific email address. Sort of like first person that opened that bottle or beer or can of beans - even if sold on eBay later, no one can re-use it.

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Once again, where is a Wyze representative on this? This was their sales promotion and it is false advertising… @WyzeGwendolyn ?

Welcome to the Wyze community @jayspringer21!
The starter kit itself can be gifted.

The subscription is most likely connected to the account.

The sensors will work for automations but they won’t be monitored by Noonlight(monitoring company). At this time, there’s no self monitoring option, but this is on the #wishlist.

This is primarily a user form. I would contact support for a direct response.

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Where is @WyzeGwendolyn ? Is she no longer participating here? There seem to be some major issues right now that are being ignored by Wyze.

OP did contact support which said there was nothing they could do about the problem.

Also the ad did say to give the gift of home monitoring not the sensors and the OP did say it was purchased as a gift.

I posted here to the User Forum to see if any other users experienced a similar issue. I was informed a couple of times through the support chat "it is not possible’ when asked if there was anyone for them to update the account or email associated with the bundle/home monitoring system. I also asked what would happen with the devices when they are returned? Are they not able to ever be used in association with a Monitoring account again? In which the support rep told me the devices will work for someone else but not possible to activate the monitoring.

I also wanted to bring to light to other users that their promotions might not be as straight forward as they seem. For Example, the one I purchased the Home Monitoring did list out “Smart Tech for Dad” and directly says “Haven’t ordered his gift yet? No worries order today” and has the Home Monitoring listed there.

(I wasn’t able to post both screenshots in my OP)

So I guess that’s how they’re going to get hubs and sensors for those who don’t want WHM? I hope they will acknowledge that before selling them to unsuspecting customers.

May I please have your support ticket number? I want to look into this. I remember reading that this is something that we should be able to take care of so I want to dig into it and make sure my information is correct.

If it cannot be gifted, then we’ll absolutely need to adjust our messaging. Thank you for reporting this.


Thank you Gwendolyn.

My Support ticket # is 1313653.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

Thanks again!


You’re welcome! I’ll have the team look into this. Thank you for the ticket number! :slight_smile:


I have it confirmed that we can help transfer the subscription. I escalated your ticket to the leads for review so we can improve training and help out with your case. Thanks again, @jayspringer21! :slight_smile:


@WyzeGwendolyn I thank you for your involvement in this and your assistance in getting things fixed for @jayspringer21. I find it troubling that so many of these types of problems have to go through you or some other member of the Wyze team rather than support dealing with it correctly in the beginning. I get that Wyze is having problems recruiting, training and keeping good people for support but there needs to be a way to get this escalated without having to go through all the stress.


I would not be gifting a Wyze Security System as to the issues with the devices. Your parents security is #1. I also purchased the Bundle and it’s in the box. I went with Ring as I know the Devices and Support are really good.