Beta thread help


I need a little help with the forum website. I’m getting alerts for all of the topics that I want except the beta program. If there’s a new topic or something released in the beta program I’m not getting it to show up in my list on the right hand side. I have to actually go into the beta program and see what’s new. What am I doing wrong? I’ve got it marked as watching first post is there something else that I need to do so they don’t miss beta posts?

Thank you for your help I appreciate it very much. I just want to make sure that I’m keeping up on the beta stuff because obviously that’s important and there’s been some things pointed out to me that I didn’t see and missed and I don’t like that. LOL I like to keep up with the latest news and latest updates. Thanks for your help Loki. Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday

God Bless

It looks correct to me if you are only looking to be notified of the first post in a topic of beta. If you want to be notified of all posts it should be in the top one. I have everything in the top one since I try to read all the posts in here.

So is this right now?

That should alert you to any post in the beta category

The easy way , go to the beta section , then at the right , click on the Bell , then click on watching , then you will get notified of every new post in that whole section


Done. Easy too. Thanks!