Beta App 2.4.87 launched on Android (7/16)

Hi Beta testers,

We launched a new Beta version on Android. According to Google’s request, we changed some libraries to support 64-bit phones. We also fixed the issue may cause the App use mic permission when running in the background. Please let us know if you still have these issues in the latest version. Thank you so much!

Android 2.4.87

  • Fixed some issues that may cause the app to crash

  • Fixed an issue that may use mic permission when the app is running in the background


Loaded and running!

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App updated, Firmware updated - cams n bulbs are responding all well

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something with the timezone difference… I always read about these when I’m at work and have to do them the next morning :cry:

Ran a default time lapse, 3 hour/3 second downloaded fine, no glitch. Person detection seems to work fine.

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Notification delay issue still exists with this release. @Anjel spoke of a fix to be made available in this release?

Go and prod the devs on this one.


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