Android 2.9 beta v3 (2.9.28) (03/01/2020)

Dear Android users,

We just released a new test app. There was no new feature added. This is a partial release if you can see this version please try it.

This version is to compare the connection rates with the previous version.

App version: 2.9.28



Not sure if it is due to the new update, but since I did update to the new version, my cameras are loading much quicker.

The 1, 2, 3 dialog of connecting to the camera does at least give the appearance of going faster.

When you leave a camera and then go back to it again the connection seems very, very fast.

@WyzeAndy I just opened ticket #490039. I’m pretty sure it’s a single glitch with server, but I reported anyway.
I had a smart alert at 5:09 but the video is from 5:14. 5 minutes later. Also in the event log, there is no small screen clip.