Beta 2.5.33 screenshot problem

I presently have 10 plus cams running. I like to check them in the morning and Take Photo for reference. On previous versions I would often find that the first time I did Take Photo after opening the app it would crash back to the app home screen. After that I could call up that cam or any cam and Take Photo without the app crashing.
Now the app crashes to the app home screen every time I select a camera then after the cam comes up Take Photo. Come back in to the same camera Take Photo and it saves to album. Repeat for a different cam and same result, crash, re-enter, works.
The first try creates a partial file on my android Samsung J3

I know it’s hard to see that the 10/8/19 series is partials because they are so dark,

on my unsupported Amazon Fire I don’t get a successful picture

Anybody else have this problem?

not had that issue at all. and I just did a series of shots on each camera the other day so I could show someone my setup. ( 13 cameras)

didn’t have the app crash at all, and to my knowledge, its not very widespread if there is an issue. I haven’t seen any posts ( yet)

Just tried 11 of mine to test and all went without a hitch. Running Beta 2.5.35 under Ipad 13.1.2.

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