Best 32gb Micro SD card for WYZE Cam Model WYZEC1

Can you please recommend a Brand, model or features IE:file format (FAT 32?), class, transfer rate etc to look for?

hello, sandisk is a good brand, i use them in my units. please see amazon link for reference:


Thanks r69lai - I just ordered 2 - 1 for my WYZE cam and 1 for my S5

I’ll second the recommendation for SanDisk micro SD cards. I have used lots over the years and found them reliable. You can by more expensive ones but the WyzeCAM does not need all the frills and high price.

The two leading companies in the solidstate market are SanDisk (been there forever) and Samsung (a relative newcomer to the consumer market). Both make superior products. Can’t go wrong with either.

What about Wyze’s recommendation to only use Wyze SD cards? I’m about to order my SD cards and want to know if I should buy Wyze brand or SanDisk.