Battery cam pro and a solar panel

I understand it’s highly recommended to not use continuous recording with the Battery Cam Pro (BCP). My question is this: Can I continuously record with the BCP if it’s attached to a WYZE solar panel charger?

I tested this and found that over night my 100% charged battery decreased 45% over night. then the next day it dropped to 33% or so. And then never gained more % when the sun was high and on top of the panel. Once I turned off continuous, it charged to 100%

So in short, the answer would be No, you cannot use the solar panel in place of a hard connection to the camera and expect the battery to maintain 100%.


Thanks for the response, that’s a bummer.

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It is possible with a higher capacity solar panel, battery bank and charge controller, but way more expensive than the puny Wyze panel.

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