Away Mode not cooling off

I installed and set up the new Thermostat, and it seems to work well, except. . .

I set up a typical schedule: Home in the morning, Away during the day, Home in the evening, and Sleep at night. Since it is winter, the temperature is set to be higher in Home mode, and cooler in Sleep and Away modes. The house is cooling off at night just fine, but does not appear to be cooling off during the day. In the middle of the day, I can see with on the app or on the thermostat that it is trying to heat the house to 70, when Away is set to 67.

Any ideas?

Is anyone possibly walking in front of it when it is in away mode? If it senses motion, it switches to home mode.

Seriously? Of course it is sensing motion. I have it set to Away mode before we leave in the morning, so it would detect us leaving for work. We don’t need the furnace running right up until we walk out the door.

Also, my wife comes home for lunch every day, so it would be in Home mode the rest of the afternoon? On top of that, it could be detecting movement from our cats? They don’t need the house warm.

Is there a way to turn that off?

It wont detect cats, but the way you prevent it is by only setting it to switch to away when you know the house is empty. If the behavior bugs you, you can set up multiple “home” blocks with different temperatures. Right now there is no way to turn off this feature, and it’s helpful, if you come home early and walk past the thermostat, the house will go back to your preferred home temperature if it was in away mode.

In your case, I’d suggest setting the morning and early afternoon blocks to home, but at a lower temperature, and after you expect your wife to have left for work again after lunch, set it to away so that it would auto detect someone coming home from work early.