Automatically periodically delete old alert videos

Why are these videos even being saved to our devices?

Downloading should be optional.

The event videos have to be downloaded in order to view them, so it just makes sense to keep that downloaded copy on the device so you can watch it multiple times without having to download again.
How long the event video stays cached on the device is the part we’re hoping for some control over.

This is where I would respectfully disagree, the alert videos are (more often than not) not very useful to me, since it only takes a mere simple movement or a sound to cause the camera to activate, depending on how you have it configured. Practically speaking, I am most interested in saving videos that are important, which is maybe 5% of the videos or less in my case. I personally feel that the app should only permanently save a video to your device if you specifically choose to do so (even after viewing it), otherwise the videos should just be downloaded each time you want to view it until you’ve decided they’re important enough to save permanently. They are only 12 second videos, so assuming you’re probably not going to view them multiple times anyway, I don’t see that as being a big deal data-wise. Of course, the downside is that if you suddenly enter a non-serviced area then you may not be able to download a video that you have already once seen, so this could be occasionally inconvenient.

I completely agree, with the key word being “permanently”. This feature request is asking that the user be given the choice not to retain downloaded event videos permanently (as is the default now), but rather have the app purge them after a specific time period (i.e. a temporary “cache”).

This is something I don’t think Wyze can do because of the way AWS charges not only for storage but also for each and every download request. If the video weren’t automatically cached (at least for a short time) this would inflate Wyze’s AWS costs because they would be charged each time a user downloaded the same video.

Also, as you say these clips are relatively small, so as long as they are purged after a certain amount of time there shouldn’t be an issue caching a couple hundred MBs of videos.

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