Automatic Cloud Archiving of Events Videos

So, I’m not saying that I’m going anywhere, so this wouldn’t be used to ensure access to my videos if I no longer have access to my Wyze account videos. However, that is something that could be an issue for some other folks. I have a few reasons, but they aren’t relevant to the question at hand.

Is there any mechanism available that could allow Wyze camera users, CamPlus or standard, to setup a scheduled daily/ weekly/ whateva upload of the videos from any specified camera(s) which have been saved on the Wyze server as events? I guess it wouldn’t be an upload, so much as a cloud server to cloud server transfer of data.

For instance, if someone who uses Amazon Photos to memorialize their family’s day-to-day lives through photos and videos, and they would like to ensure that all videos saved from a certain camera are included in that archive. Is there a way to have all new videos for that day automatically transfer at midnight every night from the Wyze servers to their Amazon Drive/ Photos servers?

I briefly ran through a couple attempts in IFTTT, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Maybe there is someone who is an IFTTT power-user who can get a recipe to have multiple condition triggers and cascading automation versus the simple model I am limited to. Anyhoo thanks in advance!