Automate scenes

Why can’t I just set a scene of my color bulbs at a certain time of the day? Why can I only set specific colors and on specific bulbs? Wouldn’t it be nice to have “color change mode”? Who would think that someone like me (whose favorite color is literally the rainbow) would EVER want something as simple as seven color cycle mode??
And hey what if I want to try out the scenes that I made or the scenes that are already are made (which are very few and far between) in a list of automations preset for certain times of the night or day? Gosh it would be cool to come home to my bulbs all already a different scene or color scheme instead of always being stuck on bright white because my motion sensor tipped off the rule I made for the lights to go white when it senses motion in my driveway… And because I didn’t want to spend the effort to program each and every of my seven bulbs up front to go back to a specific color because I’d rather it go to a specific scene at a specific time if that rule is set off by my motion sensor.
Though it is pretty cool to be able to show off to my friends by saying, “Hey Google, set the outdoor lighting to chartreuse.” And then to have them all laugh at my command I made while in awe at the fact that my house lights synchronously set themselves to a wonderful mixture of lime green and yellow, or whatever the color technically is.
Though I think it’s still is a necessity (even if it’s a personal need I’m sure more people would want the same thing but haven’t said it) you’ll be able to say, “Hey Google, it’s time for Disco!” Then immediately all my lights change from simple boring white to that needed Fever of a Saturday Night!!
::Mic Drops::

::Mics picked back up::
Oh and P.S.
I also personally think that it’s silly to withhold the “music activated feature” that the bulbs already posses, all because I haven’t yet purchased a color light strip!

::Mic drops again::