Attention All V3 "Starlight" sky gazers. Remember Geminids Dec. 4th -17th, 2020

@todwatts, I am still working my way through the minutes from the 10th. I have to pull the cameras down from the last 2 nights of recording before I lose anything.
But, here are a couple I got from the 9th. The last is even through cloud cover.


We were forecasted for full cloud cover, so i didnt have my gopro out. Well while i was at work the clouds cleared for a bit and my v3 caught some. I went through about 40 mins of files and got these:


@Omgitstony @mvb Wow! Ok, I quit. I’m just going to sit back and watch your videos.

Omgitstony, I was really impressed with the number you caught in a single video, but then realized you had strung some snippets together. Makes for an impressive display. How did you do that?

I probably have 50+ videos, some trimmed, most just “saved” one minute segments that include meteors from the sd card record. Plus hundreds of minutes of unsearched record segments.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Also imagine that I’m “seeing” things … in that, there are numerous quick, short flashes, some a quarter to an 1/8 of an inch, which I suspect are meteors, but very distant.

I’m really happy to see everyone recordings. So keep them coming!

But like I said, I have to give my eyes a rest … or at least that’s what I’m saying now. I might continue the search an hour from now, maybe 30 minutes. Ok, I’m probably not going to quit.

I have to admit, this Starlight Sensor dark sky stuff is addicting!


@Omgitstony, I also would like to know what software you used to put all those clips together.

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A cheap video editor I’ve been using for a long time, power director. Just scub through the videos and snipped out the streaks and made then their own video.

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Found another good one. These videos are of the same meteor, just from 2 different cameras. The times on the clips are off by a couple of seconds. Not exactly sure why,



@mvb I just checked my 12/10 4:59 to 5:00 am and didn’t get that meteor.

That was a spectacular one Mike!

I did capture one at 5:01:05 a.m. My camera screen top is oriented due north. So this one was moving southeast. @bam could tell us if it was the same one.

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same one? I dont think so…( it looks a bit shorter) and with it not being in color there’s no way to tell if it was burning the same color.

but a great capture? YOU BETCHA! well done!!!


Wow excellent catch! :+1:

@todwatts You guys are the meteor capturing celebrities! :grinning:


This was to the north of me, but Minnesota and Wisconsin went bonkers when this huge meteor lit up the sky yesterday morning. Maybe the geminids grand finale?

People reported fragmentation, sounds, the whole works. Would have been an awesome one to see in person.

More on it:

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12:48 UT is 6:30 am my time. I was solid clouds.

What do you mean by long exposures? How long?

With my GoPro the shutter can stay open for the longest of 30 seconds. Long exposure is just the camera keeping its shutter open for a long period of time taking in lots of light.