Asking clock-sync when oversea

When I am oversea, with time difference with my home.

When start to check my Wyze cam, the notice pop up and the Wyze program asked whether want to change clock time of phone to Wyze cam clock, which I found a bit confusing.
We want to see the exact time at the place of Wyze cam.
Like to suggest to put this option at advanced setting level.

Actually I think it’s asking if you want to change (sync) the camera time to the time shown on your phone. Not change clock time of phone to Wyze cam clock.

You are correct. I have experienced this several times while travelling in a different time zone. Initially, I accepted the time reset, which changed the clock on the cameras to match the time on my phone. But now when travelling, I found it best to leave the camera clock set to its local time so events are time-stamped with the actual local time that triggered the events.

That’s a great idea and will certainly work… I would prefer that camera location synching were an option presented in advanced settings

Here’s the #wishlist topic that covers this. Please hop over there and vote. You must click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count:

I would like to reinforce this request. I have some cameras in the USA and several in Mexico. They conveniently all show together in the App but the redundant ‘time sync’ request is a little annoying. Obviously, I like the cameras in each location/country to have that correct time. A more obscure position for the sync query, is the way to go.

I concur with you, I live in the USA but have cameras in the Philippines and would like them to reflect the time where they are located.

I’m going to be in the same situation. I will have cameras in France and the US. I had not thought of the time aspect. We need that to in the Wyze App. Glad to see people are using them outside the country.

I’m sure there are many others that often find themselves with cameras in a different time zone.
I would like to see an option for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).