Are your serious about your company?

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The purpose of this note is to point out a huge opportunity to elevate your company to a leader in home automation and security products.

I used a variety of your products over the last couple of years, predominately on the camera side. I find them a remarkable value, with good quality and tremendous versatility, the engineering is robust and creative. However, if your products are ever to be taken seriously, your support model must change.

Extensive customer wait times to even speak to a support representative are just not right in this market in my opinion (typically > 30+ mins).

Further exasperating this wait time is the very enthusiastic support person who speaks poor English and has to rely on some kind of troubleshooting matrix for almost every question asked. Misunderstanding and frustration just makes the experience not worth the effort of time and diminishes the value of your products.

I could go on, but I don’t wish to present this situation as hopeless as it appears on the surface. You must know what to do and who to contact to fix your model. You have world class products, now it’s time to implement world class support.
Please feel free to contact me directly.

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This is a user to user forum, Wyze does not actively monitor posts.

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…and that’s the problem, think about it

Don’t know if you perhaps might know the answer to my question below, but if you do, I would appreciate knowing the right way to approach.

I have recently written a complaint similar comments to this post, except perhaps more strongly worded. I have maybe a full page of comments.

How do I get Wyze’s attention? I tried the create support ticket route but it is very limited in the space for describing your problem.

I would like to know how I can send them such a lengthy comment if you might know.

Regards, Bob

@carverofchoice, @R.Good, @spamoni4

Any suggestions on this front? (see above)

There are employees who browse the forums and pass on important feedback and patterns in user posts, etc among the different platforms, though they do not always engage in dialogue as these are primarily user to user forums as you said. A person could also pass on feedback through support, but I would recommend doing so through email (not by phone or chat) if it is just feedback.

One of the most effective ways to get Wyze’s consideration on something that a person is sure would garner popular support among other users is to create a wishlist with very specific requests. Wishlists help demonstrate to Wyze things that the most in-demand. There are sometimes limitations in implementation (for example, dark mode and landscape view on the app are extremely popular, but not easily implemented right now with the current app structure, so Wyze needs to redo the app nearly from scratch before we get those; and API access is sort of in purgatory as we wait for the Matter initiative to launch and see what opportunities that opens up), but in general Wyze does use the wishlist to see if something is highly supported by a lot of their users, or if something is more of a niche preference.

Here is a list of all the wishlist items that they’ve implemented and launched already:

and the roadmap shows a bunch more that were requested that they are working on:

But in general new requests for clear and specific changes tend to be most effective in the wishlist:

Though it is not totally necessary to post something there, and if something seems to not really be wishlist material, the mods may move it elsewhere.

A person could always also try posting their feedback on the other platforms too. I know there are employees who read stuff in Facebook, Reddit, & Discord.

Though I don’t speak for or work for Wyze, I am a business owner myself, and I will say that it is human nature for people (even those running a business) to close-channel/tune-out on messages that appear excessively negative, attacky, or emotionally charged --none of that applies to anything in this thread btw, I am just speaking in generalities because sometimes I do see other people trying to give feedback through resorting to attacks and ad-hominems, etc…and I am just saying that kind of feedback in general is rarely effective— which is unfortunate that we are wired that way since constructive criticism is really important for everyone, and every company to receive.

I am always supportive of good ideas for improvement, but the above are the main ways to pass on constructive feedback. If others feel the same way, Wyze will notice the support and the patterns.

They also send out surveys to get random samples to see what most people think about various things…for example, here is an email asking me to take a survey about things last year:

But, if you have a bad experience about support, the best option is to give feedback in the survey they send you about your support experience. I get them every time I contact support.

I get them for email support:

I get them for chats:

I get them for calls:

You can leave feedback about the person you dealt with specifically, as well as separate feedback about other things dealing with support. If someone doesn’t like support, this is probably the #1 best way to give them feedback about their support experience. If you’re not getting these, maybe check your spam folder. I get them every time no matter how I contact support. I have left feedback almost every time I contact Wyze. You can see I usually contact them through email, but I have gotten the survey for email, chat, and phone:

I would just leave feedback about support in the support survey that is specifically asking for feedback about support everytime we contact them. You can rate the rep separately from the rest of your experience as there are multiple sections to leave different feedback.

Wyze is definitely getting constant feedback and ratings about where everyone stands on their support. I have left plenty of my own feedback there (positive and constructive suggestions for improvement as well).

Having said all of that, I do know that Wyze has publicly stated they are working on making improvements to their support. I do not know what that all entails, but I do know they have heard users want changes to their support and with their recent financing, they said they were going to revamp it. Now they have the financing to make some improvements. We’ll see what they come up with.