Are Wyze Buds Compatible with Apple iPhone and Apple Watch?

I want to order Wyze Buds or WB-Pro, but need to know if they are compatible with Apple iPhone and Apple Watch?

After having my Pros, they are sort of compatible. If you are used to Apple AirPods, the battery on these doesn’t show up in the standard Apple widgets. You have to go to Wyze’s app to kind of see the battery’s status.

I will say the wyze pro vs the Apple pro - wyze fits me better, hours of wear are more comfortable, they don’t “jump” out of my ears.

Update, I got the Wyze Pros to show up in the standard Apple battery widget. Not as buds but there is a headphone setting in Settings-Bluetooth.

I haven’t tried with an iPhone and Apple Watch yet. The watch battery is being replaced at the moment. Maybe next week.

With an iPhone and iPad, you must disconnect from one device before reconnecting to the other device. The one help is if you are out of range of the first device, settings will let you connect to the second. So, for me, it works ok if im connected to my iPad, leave it at the house, and take off with my iPhone. After I get a bit away from the iPad, I can connect to my iPhone.

But if I leave my iPad in one room of my small house, I have to go find my iPad before I try to use the buds on my phone.

Thank you. Just the kind of information I was looking for.