Apple HomeKit Integration

We ran into the hardware limitation issue after that video. We’re not giving up! But the current generation of cameras aren’t compatible at this point. We’re still looking for opportunities and chatting with the HomeKit team, though.


sure. but have you guys considered simply writing a homebridge plugin until then?


The only thing that would work with Apple is a direct connection. There is a CLEAR requirement in the spec for HomeKit that the devices should be connected directly and cannot use a relay (hub or else).

Because of the size of Wyze, anything else would get us in trouble with Apple.


I can’t imagine that direct connect is true. My garage door setup uses a bridge to make it HomeKit compatible. Are cameras just a different beast in that sense?

I really want native HomeKit support as well. Every other smart tech I have is Homekit compatible and it makes life very easy. While we wait for Wyze to work their magic, you can always use IFTTT Webhooks with the Apple Shortcuts app. I wanted easy access to turn on and off my lights so I built buttons to turn them on and off in Shortcuts. Its is much slower to respond than local processing by Homekit but it does what I need for now. If you have Homekit automation’s you can convert them to Shortcuts and use IFTTT Webhooks again to automate Wyze products. I have a Homekit automation based on my families location to turn on and off certain cameras and it has worked perfectly.


That sounds awesome. And could I use the Wyze Sense as triggers for these Homekit/Shortcut automations? Could you please point me to a guide to using the ifttt/webhooks stuff? I just added both applets to my ifttt account but now need to understand how to set up webhooks for my Wyze cameras/sensors. Thanks!

Since Sense is not in Homekit you cannot use the motion or door sensors to trigger actions just yet which is why for the cameras I opted with GPS location based off my families phones. Also not sure about a guide but figure in this post I would try and best explain the process, I was just messing with different smart devices in my house and figured it out. Webhooks are really easy. If you open the Webhooks service on the IFTTT site there is a button for documentation where they give you the URL you will need to use to launch your applets from Homekit. Start in IFTTT and create a new applet starting with webhooks followed by your Wyze action (Example: Webhook Name: “Camera_Off” followed by Wyze action to turn off the camera.)
Then go to HomeKit > Automation followed by a new automation. Select when “Anyone Arrives” and go to the next screen.
On the next screen go all the way to the bottom and click “Convert to shortcut”.

On the last screen delete the pre-populated action and add a “URL” action followed by “Get contents of URL”. To call multiple IFTTT Webhook applets you can repeat this step for each applet you want to run on this single trigger. When we get home it turns off one of my cameras and disables the motion notification so it doesnt re-enable the camera when we are walking around.

If you have a smart button or switch you can convert their actions within Homekit as well to “Shortcuts” and then follow the same process of adding the URL followed by getting the contents of the URL. This will help your guests or family who would rather have a physical switch instead of yelling at Google/Alexa or carrying their phone with them.


Thank you so much! Bring on the weekend so I can mess with that! Be great to not have the cameras recording and motion notifications when we’re home…

At our home, we open/close our garage door via a switch in Homekit (created through Homebridge), and that’s great! But I’d like to use one of my Wyze Sense to know the state of the garage door at any time via Homekit. So do you think I can have an IFTTT webhook applet that reads the state of the Sense every time I open Apple Home?

Thanks again, really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me!

Off the top of my head I don’t think it’s possible in HomeKit at this time just because the switch isn’t natively supported. You might have to use the Wyze app for this use till they enable support for HomeKit.
I haven’t tried anything like that yet so someone else on the forum might have a way to do it. I’m always tinkering with my setup so if I come across something to help the community I will post it.

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IFTT and HomeKit are two different things. To keep this on topic, can we move these IFTT conversations to the appropriate section?

Alright, cheers - I may hit up the Homebridge community. For anyone interested this is the related plugin: homebridge-http-webhooks

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Technically it’s both IFTTT and HomeKit. The automations are built in HomeKit and trigger IFTTT applets. Usually this would be done natively in HomeKit without using IFTTT but it’s not supported so trying to help out users that want to utilize HomeKit now.

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Thanks for providing the update. Sad about Cams v1 and v2. Hoping for Homekit support in v3.
In the meantime, please make the bulbs Homekit-compatible. This is also huuuuge. The main competition is Philips Hue which cost $$$$ compared to your bulbs.


Support for Homekit in Wyze plugs is also a huge necessity.


@Frederik hope all is well. Just wanted to see if there was an update or clearer road map on HomeKit with the bulbs and plugs as we approach Q1. Just researching what else I can buy that would work with HomeKit and learned that Xiaomi is bringing Aqara to the states as soon as this month. I see Aqara as a direct competitor to Wyze since their devices are priced similarly. Aside from the product offering, two things set them currently in front of Wyze in my opinion. First they support HomeKit and second they have a Hub which allows for control during internet outages. I like Wyze not only for the products but because of the company and culture. I will continue to support Wyze and purchase products but I am just hoping HomeKit doesnt get overlooked. With almost 1000 votes on this forum clearly its what your customers want.

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I totally agree. I love Wyze but there are now numerous plugs which are HomeKit compliant and whose price are becoming much more competitive. I just purchased A WeMo plug for under $15 and it works perfectly. I’ll still always support wise.

Doug Reed

I think Wyze is very aware and wants to meet consumer demand as far as HomeKit support goes. However Aqara is much more expensive than the equivalent Wyze products. Their plugs and contacts on Amazon are priced much higher and the bulbs are not even selling officially in the US yet.

I don’t think that’s an apples to apples comparison. But I also am anxious to see HomeKit support. Not just with Wyze, it’s been promised for 2 years now from Ring, and others all of which are very slow to deliver. It’s a fairly involved process particularly in the cases and devices where Apple required a hardware not just software implementation. That rule is gradually being relaxed but it was a huge impediment to low cost manufacturers initially.

I am sure Wyze will deliver when they can do it correctly and at a price point consistent with their existing products.

Nothing from Aqara officially is being sold in the US so the prices you see on Amazon higher than I have seen elsewhere. The expected launch was last month but they hit a few snags and it was pushed to December.

I think the big problem with Ring is they are now owned by Amazon and I firmly believe Amazon slowed the process down because they would rather have Ring customers integrate with Alexa over anything else.

Regardless, I am very much looking forward to being able to reduce the amount of different manufacturers I use for smart products. Wyze integrating HomeKit and making the color bulbs is the only thing right now holding me up from fully switching out my Hue system as well as a few others.

You were the one that claimed there prices were similar to Wyze :grinning: I merely pointed out that so far they were considerably more expensive. Time will tell. I truly enjoy a lot of the products Wyze has released but some I am more hesitant on. One such hesitation is the WiFi bulbs. I like Hue because they are a variant of Zigbee which is lower power but caries farther than WIFi.

Depending on your Router there is an upper limit to the number of WiFi devices. Even without a limit when WiFi gets crowded it begins to respond sluggishly. For some routers that’s 30 devices for others it’s 100.

So while I do have some Wyze bulbs I don’t think I will replace any of my Hue bulbs just yet. They are less expensive but also less capable and WiFi constrained.

Same with the current lock. It’s a great value and I think very well done but it’s not integrated with my alarm system and in my case I wanted a totally keyless solution.

But the cameras and the Sense system IS compelling to me. There I think Wyze has truly hit a sweet spot with a value proposition that truly can’t be beat!

Their other products are great but they are competing against some very good products that are just slightly more expensive.

Each situation is different per person and setup. I have ten Hue bulbs now. Seven Hue White and two full color. I also have five Wyze bulbs and comparing Wyze to Hue white I tend to like the Wyze better because it offers more functionality. The only downside with Wyze is not having HomeKit which would solve the want to control them in the same app as everything else and two the need to be able to still use them when the internet goes out since HomeKit can locally control devices.

When it comes to my network I’m not that concerned. I have over 30 devices on wifi today and my access point can handle over 100 while my gateway can handle a few hundred devices and probably more if needed.

I think your spot on with Sense. My wife thought I was crazy when I put the motion sensor in the closet and used it to automate some of my Wyze bulbs. After a few days of use she ate her words!