Apple HomeKit Integration

For voice control, I don’t trust Google or Amazon listening in.

Doug Reed


Google, Amazon, Apple… all the same. They all listen in.

Did you miss the big mess over Apple listening in, they all do it. They all said they didn’t and they all got caught. I assume if they are there they can hear me.

Apple doesn’t share this info. with anyone else. Google definitely does. They have admitted it. Amazon…they haven’t said they don’t. Plus, Amazon is a juggernaut. Almost every business sector is concerned about them.
Apple takes privacy seriously. Have they made mistakes? Yes. But, they understand the importance of privacy, and, know that it will pay off. Google and Amazon are short-sighted, in that respect.

But Apple does share the recordings with third-parties.

Apple had third party contractors listening, they shared the info. That is as bad as sharing it yourself. I do believe Apple takes privacy more serious than Google and Amazon, but at the end of the day I don’t trust any of them. It is safer that way, I can only blame myself if something gets out I do not want out.

That contractor shared the info with what company?

Yes. It was a third party contractor. You know what I meant. Google and Amazon sell your info to other companies. Your info is a source of revenue for them. Who has Apple sold customer information to?

Anyone who wants to play the exact words game…can watch the Brady Bunch episode about that. You know what I mean.

I used to pay attention to Jason but no more. Apple now allows you to opt out. Google and Amazon automatically shamefully sell your data and voice control responses.

Doug Reed

Jason 212171 should be removed as a moderator for posting inaccurate information.

Doug Reed

I don’t know who they shared it with. I do not use Apple products, you are right on point when you say Google and Amazon sell info, but they both claim to not sell THAT info, for the record I do not believe them. Like I said I think Apple is the best when it comes to privacy but I don’t think they are as good as they say they are.

However we are getting off topic and on the topic of HomeKit integration I think they should do it, there is a large market that want to use HomeKit and there is not a lot that ties with HomeKit when you compare the numbers to Google and Alexa. So it is a market that would be good to jump into in my opinion. Like I said I do not use Apple so it would not aid me any, but from a business sense I think it would be a smart move. I do know the cameras that are out now will not work with HomeKit due to limitations but they are trying to get the other products and future items in.

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If I posted something inaccurate correct me and I will change it. I am not trying to post inaccurate claims I am posting how I understand things.


If you don’t use Apple products you have no business being connected to this topic!

Doug Reed

I have used them in the past, I do not now. If I was wrong about something I would like to correct it. You said I gave misinformation if you tell me what info I gave wrong I will fix it. Other than that I will bow out of this conversation since it is veering way off topic.


@doug.a.reed, Jason is one of our Mavens (not a moderator) that help us keep an eye on things. But separate from this, we aren’t locking people out of Wishlist topics. Even if someone is not having a particular experience, they may have something to contribute to the conversation.

I am also curious what misinformation Jason has posted and am waiting for your clarification to help with my education. :slight_smile:


Where do I either find 8 digit number for HomeKit or is there not one yet for the iPhone? If not why can’t there be? I have 2 devices but do not want to install the second one if I can’t connect it to my iPhone. I have the 13.2 software update. :woman_shrugging::calling:

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HomeKit, please! I have scenes that I would like to integrate your products that I own into. Bulbs, cameras, door sensors and motion sensors. Please make this happen sooner than later!


In the Wyze Q&A video from Feb 11, 2019 they mentioned they are trying to get Wyze to be Apple HomeKit enabled by Q4 2019 (best guess). This will for sure require software changes but very very likely some hardware changes too. This means people on Wyze Cam v1 and v2 maybe be out of the equation. As the integration with HomeKit may also take a while, have the Wyze folks considered the easy path to get unofficial HomeKit support (in the meanwhile) by implementing a homebridge plug-in?

That would be awesome and keep several customers satisfied while the official HomeKit support is not official.

Thanks and hope you like the suggestion and this gets a lot of supporters :slight_smile: