Apple HomeKit Integration

Are you even serious!?

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Wow! I’m speechless!

And then…and then, you try to change the subject to something that I said about hardware…

Bye…for real…bye.

Any interest in just Apple TV App to view the camera feeds without HomeKit Integrations? The only feature I really care about myself.

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Matt6 I think that’s the best solution I’ve heard yet. Well done sir.

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Agreed, The next best thing would be an Apple TV App and perhaps ios Shortcuts integration?

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There’s a separate #wishlist topic for just that:

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PLEASE get Wyze Bulbs to work with HomeKit! If nothing else…the bulbs!

It would be great to at least see contact sensor status in the Apple Home and create automations from it.

I don’t really care about using HomeKit for video but it would be nice to control the cameras. Like enabling and disabling them when I leave or arrive home. And maybe get motion and sound events out of the cameras too.

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I’d replace all my wyze stuff if new products had homekit compatibility.

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This is way past due! Want to sell more products? Support more platforms!

We tried for it. We’re not giving up but there is a limitation with the current hardware. Here’s the latest update:


So maybe for the extra line of cameras? I’m happy to at least hear some news from you. Unlike companies that promise HomeKit integration and never give an update on the matter

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It’s possible that the upcoming camera also won’t be able to make that work. But we are going to keep an eye out for opportunities for enabling HomeKit.

We had to keep quiet for a while as we tried to make this a reality and were in discussions with the HomeKit team but we want to be upfront with our community members.


Even if the cameras can’t be integrated with Homekit, integration of Wyze Sense and Wyze plug would be great!

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And the Bulbs! The bulbs, the bulbs, the bulbs!

The cameras are integrated (to a good extent) with Wyze Sense, the bulbs and will be the plugs through the app’s Shortcuts feature. Read more about it by clicking the Support link, top right.

This topic is about HomeKit integration.

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I am used to it. But, thanks.
I know that you were replying to Doug. Doug was talking about HomeKit. You aren’t.
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I did in fact misread Doug’s post, thinking he was asking about integrating the cameras with Sense/Plug rather than Sense/Plug with Homekit.