App usability feedback

Everyone’s use-case is different, but wanted to share some small suggestions to make the app easier to use.

  1. Add grid/thumbnail view on home screen . The current list view doesn’t allocate screen-space efficiently. I’d rather have an up-to-date preview take a lot of space, instead less than half of each bar is an image. Perhaps a grid view we efficient name on top would be more efficient
  2. Allow users to collapse (+ add shortcuts) at the top of the screen - I’m not a power user, I am not going to use this, why make me see it each time I open the app? At least let me collapse it and save vertical space.
  3. Why is on/off so prominent? Why not move that to the main camera page?
  4. Pull-down to refresh should request an updated thumbnail image from each camera
  5. The current events page has a … with only two options (filter/delete events). I think you should instead move “delete” within each event video, and then it saves people time to click a “filter” icon and immediately see a list of cameras. Then filtering event videos saves a click

  1. Thumbnails as a grid view all products - option

  2. Toggle / collapse the shortcuts

  3. Bring back the On/Off camera toggle on the Home page in app (The feature was removed in the last version and there was great demand to restore it.)

  4. Refresh Thumbnails Easily In Devices

  5. Delete is there because people want to be able to delete several/all events at one time (not one by one after opening an event). That said, there’s room to replace the three dot icons with separate icons for filter and delete. You could submit a #wishlist topic for that if you want.

For #1, 2 and 4, be sure to click the VOTE button at the top of each link I’ve provided. If you search in #wishlist, you may find other requested features you want to vote for.


@Loki @potato25 For #5, you could have it where you hold down on the event on the events page and then that will bring up the open circles to check if you want to delete select videos. That would save you a click when deleting videos. Then the 3 dots should just automatically go to the filter option.