App in need of serious redesign - Yes or No?

Hi @masterep. Do you find @Frederik’s comment from a different thread that I posted above sufficiently responsive to your complaint? I’m guessing the answer is no, but if not, why not?

Thank you, peepeep, for your comment.

Its simple. What date did you purchase your first Wyze product? Is it working without flaw with each update, irregardless if the update was for your owned Wyze item? I think more focus on the Wyze cameras are needed and less on new product releases. I wish they just finish what they started before moving on.

I have owned many different products from different industries and this is the first time in my experience is in constant flux with hit and miss changes to the firmware and apps.

example: I purchased a Wyze Camera over two 1/2 years ago based on the information of that time period, but most of that has change - Why? I didn’t want something different - now, I have to deal with these non-positive experiences. It didn’t have AI functionally back then and when added, then removed, I thought of Xnor as an easy-come, easy-go deal, because my purchased decision was pre-that introduction, I feel for the people who purchase the cameras with Xnor as part of deal.

Example: I just purchase the Wyze Scale, but cannot access the extend functionally if I don’t upgrade the mobile app? Why, should a scale’s usability potential disrupt the operation of the V2, pan, sensors, and plug???

These items don’t interact with each other. Apple, Adobe and Microsoft have lots of different mobile apps delivering different solutions for different needs.

Shouldn’t Wyze do the same by bifurcating the app into home devices and health devices? I don’t believe its for the benefit of it’s customers experience moving forward in time – its just going to hurt everyone who purchased any prior product.

I’m not climbing up a tree for the outdoor camera that won’t do a WiFi firmware update, each time there is an issues.

I teach this to Vex and First Robotic students, “Do what you can do and finish it, less focus on something fun and new, so you can have a good experience on the competition field and be a team that others want to partner with.”

Sorry, getting off my “soap box” now. If you don’t know why its called “soap box”, oh boy.


BTW, I agree with the design change you suggest and would benefit by it.

Is/are there some obvious reason(s) Wyze would prefer to have a single app central to all its products than several, each committed to a subset of devices by category?

In theory, that sounds good, but based on my 2 1/2 years of Wyze experience, not so much.

I hear ya. :slight_smile:

Thanks Peepee,
Do you recall Lotus Suite?
Most don’t,
It was one application that had subsets for word process, spreadsheet, email, presentation, database and a few others. I was the Unix administrator (Superuser) who introduced that application out of college back then. Well its defunct now, The original internal company thought sounded similar to Wyze, but Lotus users ran away, more like rocketed away.

I heard a radio personally, say “if we don’t learn from the past, then history will repeat itself” while talking about our current lock-down situation and the rush to re-open.

Wyze, please don’t be in a rush to grow, take care of your past and current customers first.


I do remember it, but never used it. I’m very old. Even older than @rbruceporter, I think.

Literally LOL’d at that one. :slight_smile:

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Yup, I’m in the same age group. :grinning:

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Angus, you sly dog, I thought you were a millennial! :wink:

Thus closes another thrilling episode of, The Olds.  Voted “Series Least Likely to Binge-Watch” in 2019. :sleeping:


If I were Wyze I would include one (relatively) low effort / high impact usability improvement per (or every other) release and trumpet it as evidence of my responsiveness to customers’ needs.

Yeah, and if a toady frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his donkk

So it goes…

What are you guys calling old? 30?

Older than this guy…


This is my High School graduation. Those were the days.

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One of the other visual issues aside from poor colour choice is size. There is almost always something missing when you don’t have a phone the size of a tablet. Not everyone has a giant screen & perfect eyesight. Agree with all that a dark mode is a must. Less flash / more function!

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Ya right and whilst you were partying up your graduation look what I was doing

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Show off!

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My drawers are >30.

Do you recognize Sergeant Schultz?

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Until recently we had a manual gas wall furnace. And I didn’t find it a hardship. That old.

Smart knob → image