App Down 2019-Aug-28 7AM Pacific?

Several attempts to fire up the App this morning … all I get is the turquoise screen with “Network timed out”. On Android 8.0.0

Update: Working OK as of 7:45AM

I am having the same problem.

Unable to toggle the “Send Notifications” in Account> Notifications
Keeps turning off with message “Couldn’ set, try again later” at the bottom of the app :cry:

07:00 AM PDT … Just started working

I have the exact same problem …"Network timed out”
On Android 8.1.0

The app was auto updated last night (Aug 26, 2019)

Same issue with my iPhone device. I’m unable to view under the group but individually clicking on the camera works.

Update: Seems to be working now…

Feature back up and running for me.