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I’m using my WYZE App at night at least half the time for home security checks. But in the dead of night, it’s hard to focus on the night vision video feed when the rest of the app border is so blaring white and bright! Who else would be interested in the app offering a setting to choose a Dark or Night Mode?


Unless I’m mistaken, that’s what this Roadmap thread is about. Have you voted? I find it hard to believe that the request has only received 164 votes. The forum software that I’m using to write this message even has a Dark mode option (which I enabled the minute I heard about it). I wouldn’t hold your breath, however, for the same to be implemented for the app.


Did you see this thread?


Sorry, this roadmap is so un-userfriendly to me, I firmly believed that I was the first to suggest Dark-Mode. Had no idea this was already suggested elsewhere. I did a search and nothing turned up.

Is this a pun or a joke? I don’t get it.

“Maybe later”


Would love this option.


Please add a dark theme for the UI. The white is blinding at night, even with screen brightness turned all the way down.


Asking (begging) again, please develope a dark or night theme. Its such a simple ask. I don’t understand what the reluctance seems to be. As an app developer this is low hanging fruit that directly impacts customer satisfaction and experience.


I’m with you.
That’s the problem with this idea of voting on ‘features’. Sometimes it’s not a feature but something that should be standard.

I have low vision (the latest PC term for blind, I think :slight_smile:) which makes dark themes more than cosmetic. White text on black is easiest for me to read. Preferably a font larger than the tiny font Wyze uses in their apps.

So with the voting method I have to gather enough people that can’t read the app to get Wyze to improve it?

The forum even has a dark theme option.

4 Likes I assume you don’t use the app on an iPad (or other tablet) like I do, otherwise you’d be PLEADING for another change to the UI like I have for months now … namely, app-wide support for Landscape mode/orientation. Like you, I also have “low vision” … in addition to serious (and permanent) dexterity issues. The dexterity problem makes it extremely difficult for me to physically manipulate the iPad (i.e. rotate, transfer in/out of a case/keyboard, etc.). The lack of true Landscape mode within the app presents a huge problem. It IS listed as “maybe-later” in the Wishlist (sub)Forum, behind about 25 other items (and all Roadmap items I presume), so I don’t believe I’ll be seeing it implemented in the near future (or my lifetime). Surprising and unfortunate, really, since I love the Wyze product line, company ethos, etc. In fact, I’ve ordered three v1 cams (3 of the very first v1’s ever sold), seven v2 cams, have two more v2 cams currently in my Cart, will be ordering a Wyze Sense starter kit in May, and have effectively been an Wyze evangelist since Day 1. Sooo … it’s just disappointing, esp. since like you and the Dark Theme mode issue, I feel that Landscape mode should be “standard equipment” for an app such as this. Thanks, everyone, for allowing me to rant again! :wink:

There’s a post here in the forum which discusses a dark theme or “night mode” as it’s often referred to. Though this may seem cosmetic for some, the current color theme of your app is hard for me to view. The font colors are way too light and one of the primary colors you use is a very light shade of green. I have a mild case of color blindness and don’t see greens very well, especially on white backgrounds.

I Would greatly appreciate a theme that you can select, like a night mode, with a darker background and more contrasting font colors. Your website also has this same design, and is not easy to view. Would also be nice to have the ability to select larger and bold fonts.


Trust me, you’re not the only one. Like you, I have vision issues and find the white on cyan color scheme of the app exceedingly difficult to see. There simply isn’t enough contrast here. In fact, I usually have to reach for my reading glasses whenever I use the app. This, along with no app-wide landscape mode for my iPad, makes the app very UN-user-friendly in my case. I’ve brought the issue(s) up repeatedly. Not sure if/when it will ever be addressed. I suppose there just aren’t enough people with my particular “disability” who are voting for this to be changed.

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@milehiguy, it is a problem for sure. I don’t believe a theme option should be too much to ask for, and not having enough customers with “disabilities” shouldn’t be a reason to not add a feature like this. I discovered today that you can do a dark theme, with larger font, here in the forum and it’s greatly improved the reading / viewing experience. Hopefully they will include this in their next update.

Right, I’ using the Dark theme here in the forum and it’s great …

As my eyes do not dilate at all, pure white interfaces literally hurt my eyes. Having a dark theme for the app would be a blessing! Make it happen! :slight_smile:


Another reason for a dark UI is using it at night as a baby monitor.
Also, just because it’s the right thing to do. :slight_smile:


I am using it as a baby monitor as well and it really is blinding in dark environment. Would be awesome if the app had an option for dark mode.

Please! I’ve been on Pie for almost a year, and these older apps are really obvious to me.

This is standard on iPhones. Settings > general > accessibility > accessibility shortcut: classic invert. When you want to switch, triple click the home button.

Ps: helps with night viewing as well :slight_smile: