API for Download and Control

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I’m referring to the python SDK, and looking for guidance about using area_clean

Thanks for clarifying

Bumping this again. I’ve seen API keys added recently, but is there any chance we get actual documentation? So much of my interest in buying lightbulbs to begin with was the potential ability to control them on my own code.


And now IFTTT webhooks are a paid feature, so wyze integration using it is basically an extended subscription :frowning:

Can’t integrate Wyze cameras with home automation through IFTTT anymore. Could we get an API please?

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Did IFTTT just take away webhooks from free accounts, or did they take away other things too?

Using a second cloud control system is so much worse than using one.

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Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I use Home Assistant for most of my automations now. I’m about to run my Wyze Cams to it through either Scrypted or Docker Wyze Bridge. My Wyze lights now all seem to run locally (HA says they work locally) and quickly and more reliably. I boycotted IFTTT back when they first reneged on stuff for greed (companies were already paying them to use the system, so they were already profitable, then they wanted to get paid twice, and took away stuff that was already free. I don’t like that. I left. I was just curious what IFTTT changed now. I only use them when I am doing verification testing to help someone out or confirm an issue, but generally avoid them now.



I’ve been asking about this for years all my wyze investment got trash by me 2 years ago.

It had such promise it was going to be an awesome product, a game changer.

But instead it turned into another closed ecosystem making it all useless junk.

Their actions in the V3 product line was clear they were never going to make an API.

I’ve fully given up. And from time to time I get notified of this forum that I go out of my way to write this post about how disappointed I am.

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