Anyway to Update Cam 2 RTSP Firmware OTA

Any way to update the Cam 2 RTSP OTA? I already have RTSP on them but they are not where I can easily get to them physically to update.

There are only two versions and as far as I know there are no automated updates.

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As @customer stated there is no way to update RTSP OTA, and there are only two versions as RTSP does not get updated really

That sucks. The latest RTSP version works much better and works with Cam Plus

The current RTSP works with Cam Plus? It does???
I just put Pan_rtsp_4.29.4.49 into one of my Pan Cams (previously had “normal” firmware), and it is no longer available for Cam Plus.
I then flashed one of my V2 cameras with (previously had RTSP firmware). It also was not available for Cam Plus.

The new RTSP firmware did for a while but they were threatening to remove it because of (in my opinion) BS performance/stability complaints. I don’t know what the current state is.


When I first set it up it started the Cam Plus trial. I put the latest RTSP firmware on it and it’s still doing long recordings instead of the 12 second ones.

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