anyone using their wyzecam with ispy software?

anyone using ispy open source surveillance software with their wyzecam?

so i see the IP now, but is there a username and password that i need to use for the network to recognize the cam? if you update the camera list, wyzecam doesnt come up. i would like to add the 2 wyzecams i have to the opensource software. am i missing something?



Yes, you are missing something. iSpy does not currently support Wyze cameras. Or more accurately, Wyze cameras do not support a streaming protocol that iSpy supports.

Adding more common streaming protocols (such as RSTP for example) has been a common request.


ok, thanks for the update. maybe the wyze guys will think about this. these cams are as good or better than the much higher priced cams we are using on our business ispy setup. this new pan cam we just got is just great, but we have 10 off brand chinese ip cams in our place, and would use these wyze pan cans all over our stores to replace the older lower res cams.

I bought 3 Fire TV which was 50% off on Prime Day. I used one with tinycam pro and it works very well in either showing cameras directly on the monitor from Fire TV or webserving for viewing cameras, only 4 at a time, on my notebook screen. Fire TV shows 9 cameras at a time without much problem though showing 4 at a time the Fire TV responds faster to remote control. Nvidia Shield has more powerful CPU and probably can handle viewing more cameras at the same time.