Any way to trigger a rule automatically without paying for yet another service

I would like my Home and Away Rules to trigger automatically when I come home and when I leave without having to remember to manually do it each and every time. I know it can be done with IFTTT but I have reached my subscription fatigue limit and don’t want to pay for one more service. Is there any work around that can be done with the Wyze app itself or with anything else? Thanks

What about creating a second IFTTT account, to get two more triggers?

The Wyze Rules allow for Location Triggers.

You would need to keep your phone GPS on, but the rule would detect when your phone leaves or enters a specified location radius and trigger the rule accordingly. Create a Location Trigger Rule for both Home and Away and include the same actions in each that you want executed.

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I just looked it up myself as well. However, you cannot set home or away in HMS via location triggers. I may be missing it, but it does not seem to be an option.

Unless, something else is needed.


Correct. The HMS Home and Away states have no actions within the rules, so those cannot be armed or disarmed thru any rules. They have to be actioned manually and then the change in state for the HMS can be used as a trigger for other actions.

I assumed that since IFTTT was already being used, which has no HMS Triggers or Actions, that the OP’s Home and Away rules were actioning other devices rather than being triggered by the HMS, like the “I’m Home” and “I’m Away” preset rules shown in the screenshot above. More clarification is needed to determine this.

@cmelgar22, are you using the HMS “Home” or “Away” mode change as the trigger for your existing rules?

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I havent used IFTTT in a coupe of year since they went to a subscription model. Are you saying they have a free plan?

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To clarify I have never used IFTTT for my Wyze rules. I was just assuming you cold use it for that since I had used it to trigger smart plugs in the several years ago using my location. I hate to sound dense here but could you clarify what you mean by HMS? I set up I’m Home and I’m Away Rules that turn on cameras and notifications when I am away which are normally set to off when i activate the I’m Home rule

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IFTTT does have a free app version that previously allowed for 5 applets. They are cutting that down to two applets very, very soon if not already. Additionally, those free applets are highly restricted. I don’t believe they allowed for multiple actions or other advanced automations.

That answers my question. You aren’t using HMS. The Wyze Home Monitoring System is their professionally monitored Home Security Alarm System. It also has “Home” and “Away” functionality but has a very limited integration with Rules due to security issues.

So you are good for location triggers. Set up the Location Trigger Rules with exactly the same actions as are in your Shortcut Rules for Home & Away.

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Great. Thanks for the help

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