Any IP camera compatible with Wyze app?

I am wondering if anyone know about other IP camera with very good resolution, especially at night, that is also compatible with the Wyze app. I need to install a few more good cameras covering the front street because of the increasing mailbox theft activities. The current V2 or Pan doesn’t take video in good clarity beyond the driveway. And I don’t like to have multiple apps on my phone just because I have one or two different brand of camera.

The Wyze app only does Wyze cameras, but you may find others that do Wyze or RTSP. Someone more knowledgeable about those two subjects should chime in.

I had a couple quick thoughts I wanted to throw out there: If a 1080p cam doesn’t suit you, then the to things beyond that are 4k and optical zoom. So don’t buy a different 1080p camera.

Another thought was if you have a wooden mailbox you might consider putting a motion sensor in it. You would want to react fast if someone got in your mailbox, and it is doubtful you could set camera motion alerts anywhere near it without getting flooded with false alarms.

The idea of seeing a license plate at night is very challenging. I suspect you would need something beyond the commercial market to do that from afar. To do it in the commercial market you might need to hide a camera near where the back of the car would be.

Would love to hear what you come up with!

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Thanks @Newshound for chiming in. Wyze has talked about outdoor solution in their road map. Just don’t know it would become a reality very soon. But I see that outdoor unit could involve a whole lot more of hurdles be it IP certification, cable run/wiring issue (5v powered), wifi obstacle, etc. I was checking out solution from Reolink. It seems that their image quality is very well and the NVR package isn’t overly unaffordable. But again, I would just love to have all cameras management in one app/cloud.

Also, just a thought, but is it a great idea for outdoor unit to have a longer lens range with acceptable image quality? I mean people might understand it if they need to make a bigger camera size due to the added and better bell and whistle in it.

@Newshound I know IFTTT can call my phone when an assigned camera or Sense triggered a motion. However, the bugs motion would also call me in the middle of the night at times, which I would likely turn off the IFTTT in no time. Don’t expect to capture license plate with inexpensive solution, but I need something that could help us to at least describe the vehicle. :thinking:

Don’t try to put these things together. If you want something interesting just install another cam app or device. All that concerns safety is reflected in the price. I advice