Antenna upgrade

I’m not sure if this has been done or tested before. I recently voided the warranty on one of my cameras and changed the antenna out for an 8dBI antenna. Will test to see if this helped with range when I have time and when it’s not raining.


Ignore the first picture. Sorry.

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I have a mental image of my poor little camera slowly falling over backwards! Let us know how it goes!

Not done it with a wyze cam yet but I have with an Eufy cam

This is the range difference, yellow is hub, purple is stock dropout, red modded dropout


Is it plug & play on wyze or does it require soldering?

A little drilling and cutting but no solder.


This is the antenna/adapter I ordered.


Holy ****! That looks like a quarter mile!

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Can you show where the old antenna plugs in/where the new one goes? If there is no soldering I’d love to try this out!

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Looks super easy thank you so much! Is the casing pretty easy to crack open?

It’s not bad will need a thin flathead or something similar plus a small Phillips for the screws.

Looks impressive. Hope it works as you intended.

I’m looking at this photo and I see 2 circles, 1 for the antenna and the other(2) wires for power, is that correct?


Jeff Miller


No power needed for antenna
Circles show new antenna plug & socket where it goes

Thanks, that makes sense now…