Another Thermostat install no circut board / C wire

So I have a Thermadyne handler/heat pump system with heat strip. No boards on the heater just a rat nest of wires. I have looked a other posts and videos,youtube but can’t find on wired up like mine so perhaps someone here can help before I call my A/C guy. The wire hooked up in old thermostat are as follows. (brown- Y2/E ) (white-W2/AUX) (green-G) (orange- W, O/B) (yellow- Y ) (red - R with jumper to Rc ) . there is a C wire labeled and tucked in the wall . I thought I was home free with that and hooked up all the terminals their counter parts on the wyze plate and even hooked up the C wire from the wall. But tried to power up and got nothing. just some like clicking sounds. Powered down and reinstalled old stat until I was better informed.

Wiring in Furnace

The 4 thick wire colors should be red, green, white, and grey. According to the wiring diagram for the E3EB furnace, the grey should be the common. From your image, it looks like the grey wire is connected to a black thermostat wire. is that wire available behind your thermostat?

You may not have a large enough transformer to run both the heat pump and the thermostat, from your description of the clicking sounds. Do you have a multimeter to verify that the voltage between the C wire and the red wire doesn’t drop below 22V when the thermostat is calling for the heat pump to run?

Starts off at 0 volts , blower fan kicks on and when transformer kicks in to demand heat, voltage is at .18 to .24 volts DC. Guessing why even though I have a C wire (yes black one tucked in back of thermostat) there is no voltage to it to power the t-stat

It should be AC, not DC.

OK, sorry figured 24v dc . Ok so she has 27.5volts steady through demand heat and emergency heat as well on the grey/black wires and red wires.

It should be fine to run the thermostat from then. Check the wirenut in the furnace that connects those black wires to the grey wire to make sure that it is making a good connection.

To clarify, you are connecting the red wire to Rc on the wyze thermostat, correct?

I will try it again. I believe I did wire the R (red wire) to RC on the stat but will make sure this time.