Android Update 2.5.29 Released!

Android app version 2.5.29 is releasing now! This fixes a bug with creating Schedules that have end times. We appreciate your patience with that and we are continuing to listen and discuss feedback about the 2.5 update from our customers.


Just tried it, and it works great now. The scheduling is working the way I expected it now. Thanks


You’re welcome! Thanks for the confirmation! :slight_smile:

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What should i Do?
Still cant even open the app.
I earased and reinstall the app 4 times But still cant open the app
My App version still 2.5.28

I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes for pushing out new updates, but it would appear that this latest update is not available to beta testers. When I try to update, it confirms that I am a beta tester, but can’t get past 2.5.28. Even deleted the app on my android and re-installed. Still shows that I am a beta tester, but I still get 2.5.28.

While I am typing, I will comment that I also am anxiously awaiting a fix for the recent performance change that has resulted in the android version being almost unusable (that has been talked about a lot here on the forum). I’m having to use my @#$%& iPhone to watch any uSD card video.

Is this public or beta. I use beta and 2.5.28 is what it says is up to date. Can I download it someware else?

We found an issue with this update and paused it. I’ll update when I have more information about it.

@K6CCC, I’m sorry that you are having that experience. Could you please contact the support team about this? I’m collecting information for the dev team about this.

Support Request Form

Just updated to 2.5.30. Thanks!


You’re welcome! Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

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