Android App V1.2.32 Sound icon missing on full screen

Beta App V1.2.32 android running on Nexus 6P, camera firmware - Love the new gyroscope to full screen feature but noticed that the button for turning sound on and off is missing when a camera is being viewed in full screen. “Album” is missing too, though I don’t toggle it nearly as often.

Press the date/time stamp to bring up controls while in landscape mode.

You can press anywhere on the screen, not just on the time stamp, but the icon isn’t in line with the others (below the microphone like it used to be). Just went back into the app though and noticed that the icon is now on the upper right corner. I’m not just imagining things, it used to be on the bottom of the icons on the right side, right? At any rate, I see it now so I guess no issues.