Android App draining battery since update yesterday

Hello all

The app on my Samsung A70 was updated automatically last night.

This morning, when I started my phone, I noticed there’s a notification showing the app is running. I am not able to get rid of it. Which is ok.

After about 2 hours, I got a notification from my data monitoring app that I have reached my daily data limit. I checked the battery usage by apps, and the Wyze app has used 60% of the data so far, and it is the app which has used most of the battery today since the start up.

The app is surely using data in the background but it is using significantly more than that before the upgrade.

Apart from forcing it to stop, is there any other way to save battery and data?

I’m having the same issue today. I’ve never seen the notification indicating “Wyze is running. Tap for more information or to stop the app.” before today. I too can’t get rid of it on my Note10+. I’m not ok with having a permanent notification on the top taking up useless space.
Also, what is the app doing now that it wasn’t previously? This doesn’t seem good to me.

I figured it out. Go to the settings / apps on your phone. Click on notifications section for Wyze App. Turn off the option for Wyzeband. The notification should go away in a few minutes. I had also turned off Wyzenormal as well but turned that back on and the notification has not returned. Also I noticed my app has only used 67.67MB since Jan 1st and only 2% of my battery since fully charged which was at 9am this morning. All is fine now.


I’m having the same issues and I don’t have a Wyze Band

I don’t have a wyzeband either but the new version of the Wyze app automatically adds the notification for it regardless if you have one or not. It can’t be just swiped away as it’s persistent. It can be removed by going into the phone settings and turning it off as I mentioned above.

I have the Band and am on IOS, but haven’t noticed this problem. I’m going to tag in the @moderators and see if they have ideas or can move this up the chain. Thanks for the post!

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I noticed this thread also had a lot of users saying that had increased battery drain with the latest 2.10.72 app update. I’m not able to download that app on Android for some reason so I can’t test it. I agree they should look into it. Maybe it’s an issue only on Android?

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There’s a new update… Hopefully it’s fixed!

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