Android App closing when trying to get to main menu

So if I close the wyze app after looking at a camera, then open the app back up, the camera I was last looking at opens back up, which is fine. When I try and go back to the main camera menu to select another camera, the app closes. When I open the app again I’m at the main camera menu, if I select a camera to view and use the back button, it works fine and takes me to the menu again.

It’s a little annoying to have to open the app twice to change cameras if the last camera I was looking at isn’t the one I want to see now.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi, it happened to me as well a few times but i could never intentionally re-produce it. We will need to chase down the repro and fix it. Thanks for bringing it up!

You know, right after I posted this I tried to recreate the issue and couldn’t either.

I found if I go immediately back into the app after going phone home screen, it doesn’t do it. If I wait a while after going to the phone home screen, and go back in, then it repros.

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So if I just go back to my phone home screen from a camera(minimize the app), wait a bit, go back in and try to go to the camera selection menu, it closes. But if I go to my home screen from a camera, but clear the app before opening it again, it will open directly to the camera selection menu, not the previous camera I was looking at.