Android 2.2.38 Viewing Multiple Cameras (grouped cams removed from the original single cam list)

I have 17 V2s and 2 Pans. When I tried to group the cams, the cams disappear from the original list of individual cams. If I group cams out of order from the original list, the channel numbers get messed up which affects viewing the cams using tinycam pro. Then I have delete the groups and reorder the cams back to its original order.

Can the developers make the cam groupings separate like shortcuts without affecting and removing the grouped cams from the original single cam list ?


What “channel numbers” get messed up? Tiny cam pro?
Can tiny cam support help you?
I’m able to group and “degroup” and regroup cams with ease in the Wyze 2.2.38 app.

It seems as if you NEED to use tiny cam don’t group in Wyze.

When I add Wyze cams to tinycam pro, I just need to put login, password and channel #. Channel # is the order of the cam in my Wyze app, e.g. the 1st cam is channel # 1, the last one is channel # 19 for my case.
If I group the cams in order, i.e. 1st 4 cams in 1st group, next 4 cams in 2nd group etc , my tinycam pro cam orders will remain the same. If I group cams not in sequence, then my tinycam pro cam orders will be messed up. I didn’t try long enough to see how the channel #s changes or how to alleviate the situation.
But my question to the developer, why can’t you keep the original camera list but treat the groups as separate like shortcuts ? Whenever I group cams, those cams will disappear from the original list :frowning: For me a big Wyze fan which has 19 cams running, I have to memorize all the different cams in the groups even I name the groups differently.
When I am using mobile data, many times it is already hard to load just one cam. User should be able to load just one cam at a time.
Any thoughts ?

@catcat1386, please see the “Grouping” section on this support page.

Sorry, but I seriously doubt that Wyze is going to make any app changes to accommodate Tiny Cam. There is a topic in #wishlist that you can vote for to display all cameras on the home screen, linked below. But that probably won’t solve the Tiny Cam issue. All I can suggest is that once you get your groups set up, redo your Tiny Cam setup and try not to change the groups.

I will stick with my list of 19 cams instead of using the new grouping feature.