An update on outdoor camera

Yes, we are based in Seattle, Washington in the US. :slight_smile:


I hope this isn’t going to be another Blink XT,

Nices!!! I’m waiting for that!!!

Someone in the Wyze Core Group on Facebook said the outdoor cam will be battery powered and wired. Is this true?


With the 1/6/2020 Data Leak update it appears product launches could be delayed.

Should we expect the outdoor camera to be delayed further?

In general I think that would be a correct interpretation of the above, yes.

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Looking forward to it love all your products and most of all the customer service team is amazing!!! I try to make sure I tell them every time I call! I also tell anyone who would listen how amazing of a company you guys are and how amazing your products and customer services! I can’t wait for the outdoor camera and the door locks to come out! I will definitely be buying both I have done nothing but buy more than I need of your products just because I love them and the service so much! Keep up the good work!! :purple_heart::kissing_cat:

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@gemniii I need a tutorial on that Wyze owl! Very clever! Seriously where did you get the owl and how did you get the cam inside?

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Hi, @livingtx. Welcome to the community! @gemniii is very wise. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dalen 016069000301 OW6 Gardeneer by Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl

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Further pointers for anyone attempting this:
I redid the owl.
I filled the top of the owl above where I thought the camera would fit with Great Stuff spray foam (any brand will do), just a few squirts.
Then I tore out enough so i could get the camera to fit in repeatedly.
I also put a PT plywood base on the owl so I could adjust angel of view,
These are $20 cameras not made for the outside! I expect failures and replacement.

After purchasing my first Wyze camera a few months ago I started searching for their outdoors cameras and was a surprised to learn that there weren’t any! So I was happy to read on this forum that they’re in the works and I’m Really looking forward to a great inexpensive outdoor camera from Wyze!

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Can’t wait for the outdoor camera

Same! We just had some incidents at my boat club and I’ve convinced them to place some indoor cameras, but outdoor and battery powered will be better (can’t drill into a historic home to run power and I want to mount some away from the home facing it)

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Is there a summary on what has been confirmed for the outdoor camera? This thread is so long it is impossible to read it all. I am specifically trying to find info on the battery. I know that this cam will be wired and have a rechargeable battery, i am wondering how long a charge lasts, how long it takes to recharge a battery, and if a spare battery will be able to be purchased so if you have one charging you can still have one in the camera. Thanks yall!

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What you know is true. What you want to know is unknown. Probably won’t have information until early access which timeframe is also unknown.


@mrlinton1 is correct , the information you seek will not be available until the outdoor camera is available for early access


@HDRock ahhhhh well. that is prob why i cant find anything on it :smile:

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Hmmm…sorry, but I dont see the need for this “outdoor” CAM as a “really important” product to launch any time soon. You should concentrate about your “core business” within the Wyze CAM v2 and Pan to make those sensor-correct. Ppl already shown that V2 can be used outdoor in many shapes - let them play around and use it “as is”…

Focus on your primary, please!

1). Keep your product line simple & cheap!
2). Update the features within that line
3). Keep your online services (MMR) expanding - that include services within smartAPP
4). Ppl. normally dont know what they want until you tell & show them…

PS: And do re-think your strategy about 110V (plugs) for typically US to be expanded for “The world” - although you won’t sell - or do sell outside US - “we do manage” to buy those US plugs/CAM’s to be shipped to EU. It would be a blast to just “plug & play” and no need for 220v adapters.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I would have to respectfully disagree. Have you used the V2 camera outside? Yes, it can be done. I have 5 setup outside. I will replace these with a proper outdoor camera the moment the become available. The V2 does NOT make a good outdoor camera. Primarily because of the way motion detection works. Any breeze blowing a tree limb… Any cloud moving past the sun… creates false motion alerts. The ONLY reason I use the V2 outside is because that was the only option from Wyze (and I liked they’re camera / price point.) Depending on how the battery performs, I’ll be increasing the number of cameras deployed. I’d say an outdoor camera is the most important product Wyze could launch at this point. Way more so than the recent locks, plugs, and bulbs. But obviously this is my opinion.

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