An Everything Bundle for New Construction Home

Your products are AMAZING! They are my Wyze or Die!

I am building a new 2 family home and was hoping to install everything Wyze in both units. Does an “Everything” Bundle exist?

Thank you!

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They did, but most of the products in it are now discontinued (V2 camera, sensor bridge, motion sensor, contact sensors).

Here is their “build your own bundle” page.

Thank you! This is a great starter kit but it is missing a thermostat, vacuum…etc. Is there a kit that includes more products?

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I don’t think so, but why not just… buy one of each of their products?

That is certainly an option. A bundle for “everything” could save a buyer a decent amount of money and still get Wzye a decent amount of revenue. Having said that, I don’t know what the operating costs to Wyze are for adding a new bundle.

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