Amish kids heading home from school

We let the Amish kids from a couple families cross our property to get to school every day. It helps them stay off of the busy road, and always makes me smile to see them!


I notice not a cell phone in sight. Makes me hopeful that actual learning will be taking place when they arrive at school. Thanks for letting them cross your property. And thanks for sharing the video.


Some of the older kids have prepay phones before they join the church, but by and large they don’t have time for such silliness!


Much like Indians I’m sure they feel you’re stealing their souls with each frame captured…

Nah. They are ok with photography but ask that we don’t show their faces. No problem here.

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That’s good of you. By the way, do you spin yarn?

My sister’s backyard connects directly to the local high school through an opening in the fence, and kids go through her yard all the time. Except some of them would leave candy wrappers, soda bottles in her yard.

She considered putting up a floodlight camera so kids know they’re being watched, but felt it too excessive. It is too bad when some kids ruin a good thing…

Yes I do!

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Can she complain to the school and tell rhem to block that fence off? My ex grew up in a house that was right on the other side of the fense where the high school was (still is). There is a gate further down with a sidewalk between homes for students to use since all the homes already had fenced yards. He said he would just hop their fence to and from school.

Neato keeno. I knit and crochet. Matter of fact, earlier today my daughter came over and took boxes and boxes of yarn to her storage room so I’d have more room in my guest/craft room. Sometimes I use a circular knitting machine to make hundreds of beanie hats for those in need. I still have a bin full to give away. The machine is for the charity projects. I can appreciate those who spin their own wool, too.

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My wife used to like visiting Arthur and Arcola, Illinois that are Amish communities. We were driving around and passed two children playing in the yard. They shouted “Go home Englisher “
We haven’t gone there in quite some time, not because of that but because nothing ever changes. :roll_eyes:


I saw a woman knitting while waiting for the stop light to change. Yes, she was the driver. :flushed:

For a while her kids were going to the high school so she didn’t want to block it off. Now that they’ve graduated perhaps she can ask. Although the fence is just one of those chain link kinds, which can probably be easily opened up if somebody is determined.

Trust me, I have a stash of Red Heart for Addi beanies and a similar stack that needs donated!

I can’t speak for other communities, but our Amish neighbors are great folks and wonderful neighbors. We all help each other out, as good neighbors do. Happy to have them close by.

Can you make the :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: gang some socks so they quit leaving paw prints all over my driveway? :grin: :grin:

Haha, I believe it. You know those 1890 fisherman hats? I’ve been making some for family members. Now, Temu has them for real cheap and even lined. I figured it was a matter of time before someone commercialized then.

I don’t know if we have any nearby, but i wouldn’t mind learning a few things from them.

Haha, sure. I made some socks for family members last time I went to Calif. I made a bunch of little leg covers for my moms table legs, so they’re probably about the same size.

If you have a video of you putting socks on the :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: gang, I’d love to see it! :smile:


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