Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze

Bulbs are now available on Amazon

Hi there, i was looking for this topic, i also placed my vote. (Rant mode ON) I supose it’s quite normal that this has a small vote count being that these products are sold in the US , i wonder how many people that don’t have a wyze product even know about this community let alone to vote,?? Those that are already customers won’t even bother looking/Voting so… (Rant mode OFF). Now back to the topic, i live in Italy, does not list the wyze cam, why? . The only way to get it is from the UK or German amazon and they cost double + more the price!! If i order from it will cost me 50 dollars to get a cam!! I can get them from ebay but that option is also a 50+ dollar order then add shipping!! Now the whole point of the wyze cam is to have a good product at half the price of competitors isn’t it?? So i suppose the high price in the end beats the point!! WHY do you folks not sell in europe???

From discussions I’ve had with Wyze, I think one of the main issues is getting GDPR compliance. I’m in the UK and bought mine from and they arrived in less than three days! Only annoying thing is that Amazon don’t sell the Wyze Sense sensor packs on their own - and you can only buy the starter pack as part of a bundle with the canera. This makes using Wyze Sense very expensive.

“Amazon don’t sell the Wyze Sense sensor packs on their own”, yes that’s the key issue for me (from Belgium)… I bought the cams via Amazon dot COM, with customs fees and shipment fees to Europe, and the total was still OK to me (and got my cousin to do the same while they were looking for the best cams on the market)… I want to buy the Sense starter kit and a bunch of separate sensors, but these can NOT be bought from Amazon dot com and that’s nor normal… Just that and i would be happy, but i can’t use the whole Wyze ecosystem because they limit what they sell even through the US, this one is particularly ridiculous…


Why is it not sold in the UK there is a lot of demand in the UK

And is it possible if i buy from USA Amazon and ship it to United Kingdom will it work

It will work, but it’s not “supported.” That means that if you run into warranty issues, etc, they wouldn’t be able to ship you a replacement. It’s obviously for use with US plugs, too, so you’d need to use your own converter. It may also have implications for integrations with other services like Alexa, for example. I’m not sure whether it would integrate with the UK version of Alexa or not. I would guess you’d have more latency, too, since it’s likely talking to servers in the US and not Europe. The “Complete Motion Capture” add-on service also requires a US credit card.

I have three of them in the UK and some sensors. The general functionality works fine - no noticeable latency.M and notifications work as expected. Alexa doesn’t work and as mentioned above, no subscription services will work. Wyze have said they would like to market in the UK. They’ve been saying this for a while - I suspect GDPR is the main issue.

How can I buy large quantity of Wyze cam V2 to ship to Miami?
Amazon is expensive comparing to buy directly from Wyze. US$ 5,00 in a US$ 20,00 product is too much.

The cheapest way to buy is directly through Wyze’s website. When you buy only one camera, the price is identical to Amazon or Home Depot, but you’ll get a small shipping discount for each extra item, unlike Amazon or Home Depot. Wyze doesn’t generally offer free shipping, although there is promotion for free shipping over $99 happening from December 4-14th. That will probably be your best opportunity to buy a large quantity for the best price.


I picked up a Wyze cam recently while visiting relatives in the US and I think it’s great and the app is extremely user friendly with great functionality. My only problem? I can’t buy your products in the UK. There are ‘lookalike’ camera’s available on but without the same app and functionality. It would be great if your products could be available to us. The mains powered products would not need any adjustment if they all use a USB.

I think the issue is the GDPR regulation. I agree - would be great if Wyze officially were available in the U.K. The similar looking Neos ones have very poor software and firmware by comparison.

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Hi there. I live in New Zealand an would like to purchase Wyzecams and lock to automate my home. I can’t afford a nest or arlo system so thought Wyze would be perfect. I tried to purchase a wyzecam v2 but couldn’t select shipping to New Zealand. There are no local sellers that have wyzecams so I can’t buy anything. Please help.

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Hello there. Yes,, the Italian Amazon site, does now offer some limited availablity of Wyzecams: 22 euros for a Wyzecam-2 (there’s a 22% VAT tax in Italy), plus 5 euros shipment. No prime. Really I feel that Wyze should take this up in their own capable hands, and either sell directly or through Amazon worldwide. So far (I have 10 cameras) I’ve had them shipped to a US address, but it IS an extra hassle. Also no Continuous Recording feature may be purchased abroad (no Paypal for that). It’s kind of hobbling.

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I have purchased one WyzeCam V2 from Amazon few months ago & it was costing me $10 delivery charges. No i wanted to buy 2 more & Amazon seller has put on another $12 for Taxes along with the Delivery charges. Check screenshot.

At leastCapture sell it to couple more global suppliers in US so their should not be any Monopoly.

Currently they ask Amazon not to sell it outside of the US but they do it anyway without approval.

They don’t work with global suppliers and they don’t recommend that international customers buy the cameras from resellers. But Wyze can’t stop resellers from buying the cameras in the US, jacking up the price by 2x, and selling them internationally. That’s just capitalism. The best thing you can do is not line the resellers’ pockets.

The best place I have found to buy (Price-wise) is Ali Express - though you do have to wait their horribly long delivery times.

I don’t think Aliexpress sell Wyze cams.

The reseller was Amazon ,same price as on the wyze site, difference Is that you add shipping and Frontier costs.

Amazon sales outside of the US are considered unauthorized. (And even within the US, sales via Amazon resellers are unauthorized.) You can buy the products from unauthorized sources if you choose to, but it’s similar to buying a used product on eBay. You’re sacrificing warranty coverage, and if you’re outside of the US, you’re sacrificing full feature support.

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