Allow Alerts to be filtered by group

In the current beta version users are able to group cameras. I.e. indoor or outdoor. It would be great to be able to filter my alerts by the same. I.e. see all alerts from my outdoor group!

MOD NOTE: Since this feature is still in beta, this topic has been moved to the #beta section. If it ends up not being included in the final release, you may re-submit the #roadmap request.

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This sounds like a feature that would help me manage viewing alerts from the 3 locations (each with 3 or more cameras) that I monitor. I was searching to see if anyone else had already asked for a feature similar to my desire to be able to check-mark multiple cameras for filtering. Grouping them sounds even better.

Thank you for a great product and the continual improvements.

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You won’t have to resubmit it to the roadmap. I’ve already added it to the wishlist awhile back. There are not that many votes for it surprisingly. I’m not sure if the wyzecam people look at the number of votes before they can consider implementing the idea

more then likely there aren’t many votes because it is beta. with as quick as everything can change many people are hesitant to make suggestions for Beta at the possible cost of other things. but they know about it. I don’t doubt one day we might have it.

@Bam what are you referring to that is still in beta? Grouping has already gone live in the latest app. Yeah it seems reasonable to include this in the next update.

yes I was, but when the vote topic came up it wasn’t in production. and as I wrote that it had not been in production for very long either :slightly_smiling_face: thus the reason it didn’t have very many votes

I’m going to move this post to Wishlist. In V2.4 release on 7/9/2019, we added the ability to filter multiple cameras.

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I saw that. I’m so glad, I can now just go through manually and decide the cameras I want to see. this is actually more useful than what I originally wanted :smiley: as I’m not limited to just the cameras in one group.


Push this feature to next level to allow me to save or group filter. Having 30+ cams in 4 different locations are difficult to go thru filter click each time. Thanks