All Wyze products in both black and white

I used the V2 as a dash cam cause it is black, V3 only comes in white color.
I think this is a simple request to have black color.IMG_1514


I’m curious how your wired up the V2 as your dash cam. Do you have pictures of the process? I’d like to put two in my vehicle, one facing forward the one face backward more being as a security camera when parked on the street as there has been a few car break-ins in my area lately. How much juice would it take from my battery if two cameras were working all night?

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Its real easy. First you have to set it up like the rest. Install a u3 class 32gb sd card. Then attach it to a full time power port in car. Use a usb car charger. After than it wont matter. Usually if it lose WIFI access these cams dont always reconnect after disconnects. If you can reconnect then finding said footage is easy.

If it wont reconnect, Do not attempt to set it up again or you will lose the videos. Its cut into batches. Its not always in order. Finding the footage can be a little tedious. You can view the footage pulling the card and copying it to your pc.

Out in the field if something happens you pull the card out and read it manually to the police laptop.

If anyone has a better solution I am all ears.

I would very much appreciate the directions on how to do that

It would be great if their was at least an option of black with many of the Wyze devices such as with Wyze Cam, Video Doorbell, etc. It would blend in better with many darker exterior homes or environments where the cameras or doorbell don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Just a thought, thanks.

I agree; it’s a nobrainer; in the meantime, the linked thread describes my 3D printed black bonnet/cover for Cam 3:

I have a new construction home with all matte black finishes, including the front door hardware. I would like to have a Wyze Lock and Keypad as part of my whole home system integrated with Home Monitoring Services. However the silver finish does not match the rest of the entire house. I would love to see a Matte Black option soon.

I purchased a new construction home with all matte black finishes. I would like to add the Wyze Doorbell to my home suite with Home Monitoring but the silver finish doesnt match the rest of the house. I would like to see the doorbell in a Matte Black finish soon.

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If itching for one fast, paint it with matte blk paint for plastics. New paints do hold up well.

@WyzeGwendolyn Hi! I think that since Wyze has products that either come in only black and only white, the post should be changed to “Have all products come in black and white variants” I made this post before the vacuums, outdoor plug, and floor lamp came out at a time when the only non-white products were the bands and scale. Would you be able to edit the content of the post?


I have edited the title for you


Thank you!

Black is so much cooler for tech products

That’s true for some devices; I wouldn’t want a black Wyze Cam Pan in my home… :upside_down_face:

I would really like to have a choice between getting a White or BLACK case V3 Camera. The black would blend in the shadows instead of standing out like the white case.

Better to paint your own, that way you can choose finish such as matte, flat etc

Suggestion for the Wyze Cam v3 Window Mount - I suggest possibly changing the color of the mount from Black to White. I suggest this in that it should help reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the suns rays hitting the mount & camera. This should help keep the camera electronics cooler and would also possibly reduce the problem of the adhesive tape not holding the camera or holding to the window glass.

Please make the V3 camera available in black.