All Wyze products in both black and white

I’d be willing to pay a few bucks extra for the black option as well

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Well, it’s officially on the ‘Wishlist’ so we’ll see what happens

The black v2 is the same price as the white, I’m just not understanding why they can do it for only one product. If it does add to the cost, then why did they release a green cam a few years back as well for the same 19.99 price?

Actually in keeping with their low ball pricing of products I believe they ate the difference in price

I have been painting mine black. Put painters tape over the lens area and paint with the plastic spray paint. Short quick bust works well. Practice on a piece of cardboard before starting. Should only take a few passes to get your technique down. Stuff is easy to work with. Do this and it should look almost factory. Like the computer app promised years ago, i dont see this happening anytime soon so this is a work around.

Wish everything came in black, Neither color matches everything, but it blends better to have both options.


I’m kind of digging the idea of taping over the camera body to make it a bit less conspicuous. Have to be careful to make sure all ports are exposed for proper function. It really is only a side or two and the front that can be seen on approach in my installation.

I meant to use the tape to prevent paint from getting where you don’t want it, like the lens. Painting is easier than cutting a skin in my opinion. I take the lazy way LOL.

Users have made all sorts of coverings for these cams. For example, I seen a camo duct taped cam on the FB page a while back. It was done really good.

I think duct tape is a bit extreme for the need. Mystic tape will be easier to trim with an exact-o blade. Fairly wide color selection, too.

When will the Wyze cam V3 be available in black?


Will the Wyze Cam V3 become available in Black? If so is the a time frame for availability?



Also awaiting feedback on the V3 and any plans for release in Black, as i am holding off on my order for six V3 to update the house. really impressed by the low light features of the V3. but don’t want to have to paint again, to reduce the refection of the cam in the window.

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could you take a picture of your cam in all black to see what the finish looks like? (for any customers that spray painted theirs)

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I too, am holding off on my order of the V3 until an all black finish is made available.


Yes I’m holding off as well. I need 5 in black please! V3


A black body V3 would greatly help the use case where the camera is facing a window, because of ambient light reflecting off the white body, then off the window into the lens. For the V2s, the black version makes all the difference between usable and useless (with the white body).

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Wyze Cam V3 in black is a no brainer.

Lets do this Wyze! :smiley:

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I’d like to see the V3 camera come in black, or at least offer a black skin for them. Because there are places where my cameras would be less noticeable if they were black, and I want them less noticeable.

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I have been painting them black. Tape off the lens and use Rustoleum or kylon plastic spray paint.

Painting them is an option but I’d rather that the plastic be black than painted, plus I don’t have the time to deal with painting them.

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Can we get a black version of the Wyze cam v3? I need to update more of my cameras and need the black version.

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