All off my Wyze Sensors stopped updating

Did you have to reset/reboot your camera and wyze sense?

Mine is working now as well. In order to get it to reset, I physically had to remove the Wyze Sense Bridge from the Camera, wait for a few seconds, then put it back in. The light on the Bridge turned Blue and everything started to work.

Not sure why unplugging the camera and plugging it back in did not work.

In any event - things seem to be back to normal for me.

Mine are working again. Did have to reset the cam to get it to take.

I actually had to remove the bridge from the camera and then plug it back in. Only then it turned blue and started alerting again

I’m starting to think something may have gotten broken in the latest cam firmware update. Restarting the Cam (v2) 's used to cycle the attached bridges back up after a loss of power for me, and now I have to pull the bridge(s) out of the cam and put back in to get them to work. Which is obviously a hinky way to go about things, and a pain as my cams with bridges aren’t very easy to get to. I’m experiencing this repeatedly, as we’re dealing with massive sustained power issues due to the tropical storm the other day.

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Motion and contact sensors not working, they accurately show status (offline if i remove bridge, etc) but are not detecting anything. have tried restarting cameras and remove/reinsert bridge and didn’t fix. I even replaced a battery on a motion sensor and it didn’t help.

That is a possibility. I have noticed that when I get to the main app page with my camera’s, the V2 seems to do more refreshing when the outdoor cams do not.

Probably a stupid question - when you inserted your bridge back into the camera, did the LED light turn blue? if it does not, it will not notify.

I also found that the camera had to be on and then I inserted the bridge. I had mixed results otherwise.

Not a stupid question, I should have included in my initial post that yes, bridges ( I have 2) are both blue after restarting the camera and/or removing and reinserting bridges.

Unfortunately, I am at a loss for what it could be. I would lean towards your Bridge being defective but you mentioned that you had 2 bridges. I purchased a sense pack and the bridge was bad. I actually came up, got a firmware upgrade, and turned blue. But nothing could pair to it. Wyze ended up sending me a replacement bridge.

I would open a ticket with Wyze to see what can be done. Or if there is a way to reset it.

In the app, there is an account option if you were to go there and click on App Settings you will see an option to clear the cache. have you tried that? Somtimes this will help with sporadic problems. But no guarantee it will work. Just an option to try.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and assisting. I’ve contacted support and will be getting replacements.

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Good to know.

Im in the same boat. They were all working before I bought the starter kit yesterday. Now I cant get anything to connect