All devices going offline

Is anyone else having issues with their devices dropping offline today? I’ve lost my cameras and plugs so far.

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Yes, I’ve lost Alexa control of all my Wyze devices. Tried disabling and re-enabling without success.

Update: Attempted to save the Alexa skill again and appears to be working.

@maven or moderator can you help? Same here. I came here to post a question about this myself. I hope somebody come up with an answer soon. I tried the Alexa Skill and it didn’t help. I’ll try it again.

I’m not sure if this is what you need, but @nerdland created this for folks that are having trouble with Alexa.


Thanks for the update. I haven’t even attempted to reconnect anything with Alexa yet. Mine are dropping in the app. I assume there must be something going on in the background. They will drop for a few hours, be back up for a bit , and then drop back off.

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Well, after doing that process twice, my two cameras are working again. I however am seeing more buffering than usual I think. I saw something about motion sensing alerts in the update description. Where can I find more information on that? And thanks StopICU33 for the information.


Oh yeah. Welcome to this forum danp! :+1: :smiley:


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Which update/topic was it under do you remember?

It was something that flashed up briefly in the Alexa app on my phone when I was resetting the Wyze Skill on my Echo Show. I will go back and look for it again.

I found it. It is an update notification and description in the Wyze skill category in the Alexa app on my phone. It reads…

What’s new

We have added your Motion Sensors and Contact Closures to Alexa. You can now use them to trigger Routines!

With your Wyze Skill and Alexa, you can control both your Wyze cameras, plugs and light bulbs. You can also see your Wyze Sense and use them as a Routine trigger.

And then it goes on for a while explaining in depth about using all of that.

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Ok, I understand now. I don’t have Alexa so I’m not super helpful with that. The last I heard from Wyze about this is that the Alexa integration with Wyze Sense isn’t quite fully deployed yet. But, it is something they’re working on and they will let everyone know when it fully implemented.

Well from what I read in that update description, you would think that it is all in place. Now if I could only find an in depth tutorial on how to make it all work, I would be a real happy camper. :thinking: :wink:

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The best way to learn how to use Alexa is with Alexa help and Google searches


Thank you for ALL of that information. :+1: :smiley:


Yes had to reset 4 today

Cameras and sensors disconnect every day like clock work. I have done every possible fix they have thrown at me and even had AT&T check my equipment and connection. Been like this for almost a year now. I do not rely on them any more and thinking about just discounting using them.