Alexa skill to play doorbell chime sound on alexa speakers

Please add an Alexa skill that enables the chime to be played on Alexa speakers throughout the house. This would be more elegant than a plug in box and also allow me to have the chime be heard wherever I am in the house (as I have Alexa speakers in every room).

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If you have the Wyze skill enabled in Alexa, you can make a routine to make a sound you wish play in a Alexa device you wish. It’s an Alexa routine limitation to play a chosen sound on one device at a time per routine. I would make multiple routines picking different Alexa devices. This is using a V1 doorbell where the Wyze chime is an accessory, but the vdb pro gets it’s connectivity through it’s chime.

You can use the message announce action to announce to all devices, like “someone is at the front door” or whatever you wish currently.