Alexa skill not available on the Canadian Alexa skill store

Would be great to be able to use it.

Or am I missing something?

Thank you.

It has been applied for by Wyze Labs. Hopefully soon.

+1 need Canada support here! Need to connect to TV using firestick and alexa!

Still not available… Very disappointing

I returned 2 D-Link cameras and bought these camera’s because I saw Alexa support was added; only to find out it’s not available in Canada. :frowning:


Really hope this is available soon…

Good news, the skill is available as of today in Canada!!!


But… it would appear it doesn’t support the Fire TV Stick (yet) per the details in the skill.

Thank you very much. I have an Echo Spot and can see my dear Wyze cameras, makes my day.

I suspected the Fire TV would be an issue There is a special very basic Fire TV stick - no Alexa - sold in Canada. The only one… The other offerings and the Cube are not offered here. Geolocalized, they will not work when detecting a Canadian IP. A VPN could work I guess, but I shall wait for Amazon Canada to figure it out.

All due to Rights. We are accustomed to this…

Big thumbs up.