Alexa integration Wyze camera to Alexa enabled light switch

How do I connect a YZ camera through Alexa to a Alexa light switch. For example, the Wyze outdoor camera sense as a person and Alexa turns on the porch light. Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum @spdsl

First you need to add the Wyze Skill in the Alexa App and authenticate the skill to your Wyze account.

Once that is done you can create a routine in the Alexa App

If person detected then turn on the Alexa switch. Which will look something like this

Please note that you need to subscribe to cam plus lite or cam plus in order to get the person detection capability on the camera and in Alexa.

If you would like greater detail on any of the items above please let us know.


Thank you so much. Your instructions worked perfectly. I’ve lost two days of sleep trying to figure this out. Goodnight

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Sorry you lost sleep, and happy to hear you got it working. Have a great night!