Alexa enable everything

I’m not understanding how late additions (robot vac) and second editions (doorbell pro) aren’t Alexa enabled when you already have this capability. (Wyze started there first product/cam with Alexa, and Alexa was the first smart home.) Please make everything Alexa! (I saw a Google assistant and Apple post for their plea.) I guess I don’t have to tell the robot to go vacuum but I need to see people at my door with show and spot. I have to wait to buy all these products from you (and wonder how many more are waiting and how much money you’re missing out on) so an update on it would help.

You don’t know what you’re missing. We have our (non-Wyze) robovac live under the couch, charging. We just tell Alexa to clean the house and out it scoots to do its thing. Then we can optionally have Alexa tell it to go back home. It’s marvelous. The only downside is our brand (Ecovacs) can’t link more than one device at a time.

Agreed, full Alexa integration should be “table stakes”.

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I have a few rules setup on my Alexa.

One rule says the following:

  • If a person is detected on my driveway run a custom command and Show the video feed on my Echo Show.

  • If a person has been detected on my driveway wait for a minute and then run a custom command to cacnel the stream.

This has been working great for sometime now.

As for the Vacuum.

I have the Wyze Robo Vac as a device in Alexa. All I have to say is turn on the Vacuum and it starts cleaning. Then I say turn it off and it goes home. Similar to what @Customer indicated. But mine is under a bench near the front door. :slight_smile:

When I was Beta Testing the Alexa Integration with the Vac, there were more commands which I am sure will be available in the Production app. Some features are Clean a specified Room, asking it what it is doing, etc.

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FIX the Alexa Integrations (tardiness)!

!Wigh over 50 topics relating to Alexa, not sure whether this is posted yet… but it’s a BIG problem, and I bought wyze specifically for the alexa integration. Can wyze gods finally fix the lateness in wyze/alexa interactuons? I don’t know whose fault this is. Just wish it was fixed onvce and for all. The issue with lateness used to crop up every now and again, now it seems like every few days and sometimes it VERY late.

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Amazon Alexa skills

To be able to use skills on alexa enabled devices like the echo dot and show. Only being able to use my phone app is annoying.

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What Routine are you trying to do with Alexa and Wyze?

Alexa works fine with the cameras, including the rare and terrific ability to announce when persons are detected. What problem are you having with the Wyze Alexa skill?

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Im trying to have the voice comands work for the wyze robot vacuum. They would only work from the alexa app not any of the other devices and now the app is no longer functing as well.

Cannot speak to the robot vacuum but I know that bulbs work with alexa and as @Customer mentioned, person detection announcements work (mostly). You can also display most camera streams to the alexa devices with screens.

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I have not tried recently, but the vacuum was working with Alexa. I will try today and see if it still works.

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Yes they now have Alexa capability :slight_smile:

@Customer @WildBill - Just an FYI


I just tested my Vacuum with Alexa and it is working as expected. If you go to your Vacuum in the App, click on the gear at the top right you should see an Alexa Support menu option. Tap on that and look at the Alexa Voice Commands

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Interesting, what firmware is your vacuum running??

Really weird, now i can use the app and the echo dot (3rd gen ) with it all working as it should,after another relinking. I appreciate you checking on your end. They mush have been having some server issues.


Good to know. Do you still need my FW version? I am running the one they halted. :slight_smile:

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Its all good dude, thanks for the help.There support also said that alexa skills are not compatible yet, which ive been using for months now so who knows what was going on with them lol


Alexa Wyze Integration

Does Wyze planning realize that if they provide better Alexa skills, rules, variables integration of home automation (cams, sensors, lights, switches, plugs) with Alexa that Wyze customers will buy more of these Wyze products?

I would buy more. Would you?

Similar for Google Home Integration…

I see that I have been merged into “Alexa Enable Everything” … My focus is to enable

> the core of

“Enable Home Automation” with cams, lights, switches, plugs & sensors.

I see you edited your submission to add some granularity. :grin: When you submit a broad question instead of a testable requirement statement, it gets merged to the best all-encompassing request… enable “everything”. :+1:

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ahh, yes, I added “plugs” and also highlighted my focus, which was in my original post but not highlighted…

Cheers. :grinning:

all good. I think we all agree more automation integration would be helpful!

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