Alexa doesn't detect Wyze Cam v2

My Alexa app cannot find my Wyze Cam v2 when i search for devices. I am trying to use my Echo Show 5" to “show camera” but of course since it doesn’t find it, no view. I also use the Google Home app for my OnHub router and the Home app does in fact find the Wyze Cam. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Alexa app. I have tried to locate on both my iPhone and iPad. I am able to use it with no problem on the Wyze app and have no problem remotely watching the live view or events. I have reset the Wyze Cam both by just a simple reset and a factory reset.
Firmware is updated and i have the latest Alexa version.
In all cases when i do the add device on the Alexa App it doesn’t ever find any new device. My Nest Thermostat is on the Alexa app.
Any suggestions will be welcome.
Thank you.

Have you added the Wyze skill to alexa first? Add the skill, then search for devices and the cameras should show.

Yes, thank you. I should mentioned that i disabled then reenabled the skill also. I appreciate your input

Try asking the Echo Show to “discover devices”.

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is Alexa on the same wifi as the Camera?