Alert Setting option (Alert Schedule)

I’d like to see this too…being able to have at minimum weekday/weekend scheduling, and preferably, every day of the week individually scheduling.

Will check out RickO’s suggestion for achieving this through shortcuts in the meantime!

If using shortcut/task feature to turn off/on motion detection, is the schedule still honored?

The goal here being just to turn off motion detection/recording during the weekend and have it follow the regular schedule of 8AM-5PM motion detection recording on the weekdays.

In other words, if I set motion detection to turn off with a shortcut/task on Saturday, do I have to set it for after 8AM as that’s when the regular schedule would’ve turned on motion recording? And then repeat that task for Sunday as well?

Or would I be simply setting a shortcut/task to turn off motion recording on Saturday 12AM and turning motion recording back on Monday 12AM?

I haven’t tested it, but I think a scheduled shortcut task would override the current detection schedule until the next change occurs in the schedule. I other words, I think if you have the detection schedule set up for 8am to 5pm daily (because daily is the only option there) and shortcut to turn it off on Friday at 4pm, it is still going to come back on at 8am on Saturday. But again, I haven’t tested this.

Probably the best and easiest thing to do is to just turn off the schedule in the detection setup and make the appropriate scheduled shortcuts to turn it on and off when you need.

I do think it’s a bit odd that we have both of these scheduling methods and it’s not really defined how they interact.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll go for leaving the schedule enabled and turning off motion detection through a Task a minute after the schedule turned it on for Sat and Sun. Then that would just require 2 Tasks per camera at the penalty of having notifications for a minute. Versus setting up Tasks for every day of the week would be 10 Tasks that needs to be created per camera.

I am curious, though, what happens if the schedule is set to start at 8AM and I have a Task to turn off motion detection at 8AM, what would actually happen. Something to test out when I get the chance!

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Another question…do you know if Tasks are specific to a phone, or if it’s tied to the account and carry over to other phones that login with same account? I believe camera settings are saved on the camera so carry over.

No, shortcuts are account-wide. For example, if you create a new shortcut on your phone, you will see it show up on your tablet logged into the same Wyze account.

Totally would love to see more alert schedule changes.

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